Sick of putting yourself last and your kids first?

Have you lost touch with who you truly are since you became a mother?

Is it time to start reconnecting with your partner, friends and family?

Do you feel it’s time to change your lifestyle and live with intention?


Oh, I hear you! Being a mother is one of the most rewarding yet totally challenging/time-consuming/exhausting and chaotic jobs we will ever have. I have been blessed with two little angels who rock my world and keep my life fun, exciting and extraordinarily busy.

Let me tell you a little about my story. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my second bubba, something inside made me just stop. I decided to quit my business, reevaluate what I was putting into my body, and what was in the environment around me. I realised I had totally lost touch with who I really was, or at least thought I was. I became very sensitive to foods, my emotions, other people’s opinions and the world around me. Who was I?

I found that I wanted to reestablish every aspect of my life but at the very centre of it was my own self-love. On my journey to self-love, I took the time to listen and get clear again about what it was that I needed to feel loved. I had walked away from my values and things that I enjoyed like being creative, getting into nature and eating wholesomely.  I have now embraced them again which has led me to a new passion – to help mothers learn to love themselves with wholeheartedness and without the guilt.

I want you to experience what it really feels like to be loved, loved by yourself and loved by others when you create a nourishing life for yourself. Together we will create loving actions designed to help you to work towards putting your self-love in check; and in doing so, build deeper connections with your partner, family and friends.

You will feel grounded and able to connect with your heart at a deeper level once you begin your journey of self-love. The gift of discovering and listening to your intuition will be developed as you move through a coaching series, allowing yourself to truly open, love and connect. The love you are learning to give to yourself will filter through to the people around you and gratifyingly mirrored back by those you love most.


What to expect

I am here to support you all the way and listen to you with an open heart with no judgement.

Explore your dreams, desires and passions.  Find out what they are and own them!

Embrace big-hearted questions that dig deep into your emotions. Grasp what it really feels like to truly love yourself.

Reconnect with your intuition and trust in the path it wants to take you on.

Discover your strength and gain confidence to speak your truth.

Live harmoniously within your environment.

Create loving rhythms/rituals/frameworks that resonate with your soul to put order into your life.

Lizzie Moult

So, what happens in a coaching session?

Each one of our coaching sessions provides you with a solid foundation for you to share your heart and discuss your concerns, your wants and everything in between. We will then create heartfelt actions for you to move towards your goals all while keeping things flexible in case other things come up during our sessions.

My sessions are filled with wholehearted listening, big questions to get you thinking all whilst creating a solid action plan to reach your goals and create deep self-love.

How and where do we have our sessions together?

We can do our sessions via video Skype or by phone call and if you are lucky to live around Mullumbimby I have an office in town.


If you are absolutely committed to making a life change and embracing the power of YOU, a coaching package is a great place to start your transformation. Start a coaching series with me today and you will achieve all you want and more if you are ready to be positive, dig deep and embrace the change that will lead you to a life you love.

Don’t think you’re worth it? You absolutely are. Just take a look at the people I have worked with who have believed in themselves enough to say YES to living wholeheartedly. That can be you too.

Michelle LeBreton

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lizzie!  Thank you for asking the right questions, for listening to me with your heart – without judgement, for empathising with me and being the space I needed to dig deep within myself and find my truth. Thank you for showing me that I am everything I need to be. I already have all the answers, I just needed to listen to my heart and it will show me the way.

Thank you, my experience was life-changing, heartfelt and rewarding.

Michelle, Mum

Kirsten Jakubenko

“I felt my inner self-ignite. I felt motivated and excited to blog and network again. . . I was a new Mum struggling to find the energy and motivation to blog. Was also a little scared that I was losing my identity. Scared I may not be able to write like I did before motherhood. And like all Mum’s, was struggling to find me time. I was looking for a good push forward, looking for direction and perhaps permission to do things for me.”

Kirsten, Writer & Blogger

Amy, Daycare Facilitator

It was life changing . . . I had never worked with a life coach before, I was struggling with my life, I was overly controlling and constantly stressed. Now I trust myself, I have connected with my spirit and I am at peace in all areas of my life. I have mended broken relationships and have a closeness that I didn’t have before with my mother and my children. I now love my life and feel spirited and alive.

Amy, Family Daycare Facilitator

Jasmine, Doula

My motivation has increased 10 fold! I have an electric current constantly buzzing through my system and I feel empowered in all that I do. What Lizzie brought to the table as a coach is phenomenal. She made me feel heard like I had never been heard before. By asking deep questions, they allowed me to see the bigger picture and to approach my life with a new perspective.

Jasmine, Doula

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My journey to self-love is still not over, it has been a process and has been so rewarding, and yours should be too.


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