Kind Words
Timber Gym, Annie

Do IT!! Lizzie is a Unique Strategist who will Deliver EVERYTHING she promises AND MORE!!.. She can custom design your business marketing and break it down so that you know EXACTLY when the next call to action is!!.. Lizzie is Strategic and Thorough and an Absolute Gem to work with.

Annie, Owner, and Founder of Timber Gym


I felt my inner self-ignite. I felt motivated and excited to blog and network again. . . I was struggling to find the energy and motivation to blog. Was also a little scared that I was losing my identity. Scared I may not be able to write like I did before motherhood. I was looking for a good push forward.

Kirsten Jakubenko, Writer & Blogger


My motivation has increased 10 fold! I have an electric current constantly buzzing through my system and I feel empowered in all that I do. What Lizzie brought to the table as a coach is phenomenal. She made me feel heard like I had never been heard before.

Jasmine Huymans, Doula & Alignment Coach, Intrepid Birth


It was life changing . . . I now love my life and feel spirited and alive.

Amy Broadway, Family Daycare Facilitator, The Secret Garden