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10-Minute Acts of Self-Love for Busy Mums

10-Minute Acts of Self-Love for Busy Mums

A few months ago I was challenged to think about things I could do for myself so I felt loved, nurtured and like my old self again. I was in the middle of renovating my house, studying, starting a business, looking after my family and I was giving it my all. I barely had time to even think about how I was feeling, what I looked like or what others even thought. Maybe some of you could feel like you are in the same boat. So here are 10-Minute acts of self-love for busy Mums.

Slowly I reintroduced a few simple acts of self-love to boost me emotionally and a few physically. I decided that 10-minutes was all that I could probably muster with two children under my feet. At first, I was unsure if I could even tackle some of the tasks I had set myself. I wrote a list of 30 things I could do to love myself and below are my top ten and in no particular order.

I hope that a few of these spark some ideas for you to create a little 10-minute window for you to give yourself a little love when you are alone looking after your kids.

10-Minute Acts of Self-Love for Busy Mum’s

No.1  Sit down and enjoy a cup of hot tea, and listen to the world around you.

No.2 Move your body to your favorite track and dance like no one is watching you.

No.3 Spend some time writing down your thoughts by journaling. Reflect on your day or just write down how you are feeling.

No.4 Write five amazing things about yourself (prompt: What are you most passionate about?)

No.5 Throw something out! Spend 10-minutes tidying up a few things from your wardrobe, bathroom cabinet or even pantry that no longer serve you well.

No.6 Meditate for 10 full minutes – bliss

No.7 Pull out your yoga mat and do four sun salutations to give you a boost of energy

No.8 Meal plan for the week ahead. Think about the foods you want to be eating or want to introduce into your diet.

No.9 Organise a catch up with your girlfriends

No.10 Do the one thing that just makes you happy.

There are loads more things we can do as mothers in 10-minutes. Since we have become the best at doing things as quickly as possible when need be. Tell me what can you do in 10-minutes that fills you with love and gives you strength?


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  1. I have a toddler approaching 2 years old so my time is usually not my own! I’d love to give myself more time… these 10 points are Great!

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