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3 Basic tips to get you started with SEO with Belinda Irvine

Generate organic traffic using SEO (Search engine Optimization) and get noticed on Google. Belinda Irvine shares three basic tips to get you started when it comes to SEO for those who are new to it. You will take away how to check your website speed and who to get the best people to learn from are.

Belinda loves to help create organic links between services and the people that need their products. She has worked with start-ups, marketing agencies and some of the world’s largest companies helping them increase their visibility online by improving their rankings in search engines.

Here is what to expect in today’s episode, Belinda walks us through three tips to start your journey when it comes to learning SEO, how to test your website’s speed, plugins that can help. But she also shares her story of how ongoing learning played a huge role to get her where she is today.


Biggest Takeaways

  • What SEO really means
  • Who and where you can get solid information about SEO from
  • How a beautiful website could be costing you ranking high in Google
  • How to find your website speed and test it



  • From a blogger to SEO expert Belinda shares her story (2.09)
  • How ongoing learning has played a role in her business (3.28)
  • Belinda shares her biggest learning experience (4.34)
  • What SEO actually means (6.11)
  • Organic traffic is gold here is why (7.29)
  • The major benefit of SEO (8.10)
  • Importance of keywords (11.57)
  • What we need to know about SEO (12.22)
  • What makes a good blog post content (12.254)
  • Write for humans first and Google second (14.17)
  • Where is the best place to learn about SEO (16.30)
  • STAT how fast your website should load (18.40)
  • Recommendations to speed up your website (19.15)
  • How a beautifully designed website could cost you a good rank in Google (19.50)
  • Plugins that help speed up your website (22.28)
  • Why you should be resizing images (28.56)
  • How to test your website speed (25.04)


Links mentioned in this episode

Join Belinda’s Facebook group – Shine Online SEO with Belinda Irvine

SEO Journals: Semrush, Moz, Search Engine Journal

Plugins: WPsmush and Delete Unused Images

Test your website speed: GTmetrix and Pingdom

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