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3 Reasons why you need a Heart-centered Business Coach

heart-centered business coach


The wild adventure of entrepreneurship and running a business is one that will leave it’s mark on you for a lifetime. The time, energy and love you put into creating something big, real and one that you believe in with all your heart is often not understood by your closest friends and family.


I totally get it.


I started my first business at 23 years old and that was twelve years ago. I had the support of my friends telling me that my idea was great and that I should just go for it. But then when I would start talking about how to grow my business, build a website, how do I hire staff most of them would glaze over or have a solution ready that was simply ‘ah, you will need to do xyz’.


Being in business is not as simple as xyz, you know that you wouldn’t be hanging out on my website if you were not working towards creating your wild dream business.


This is where a business coach can help you.


3 Reasons why you need a Heart-centered Business Coach


Having someone understand what it is like to be in a business and can relate to the things you do each day is one of the best things that happened to me. I hired a coach in my second year of running my first business. Being able to discuss and break down what was happening to me personally but also in my business was huge.

Finally, I felt like I had someone to really talk to. I was young and most of my friends were either finishing uni and going into real jobs or were happy in their 9-5. At times I felt isolated but deep down my heart knew what I wanted and that was to be my own boss.

I was really lucky that my coach was not always just all business. Opening my heart and really listening to what I desired was a way to fine-tune my direction. I later sold that business at a profit to move onto my next project because I had the support that I needed to help me listen to what I truly wanted. I would not be where I am today if I did not have the support mentally to get me here.



Sometimes having a cheerleader on our side just lifts us higher and higher. Small words of encouragement can change your mood in an instant. Working with a business coach who understands that business needs a little heart will help you to uncover your talents but the light-bulb moment is when you acknowledge it yourself.

And this is so powerful

Your inner-cheerleader is ignited. This lady is your best friend, if you can keep her fired up you are on your way to success. No more self-doubt just pure calm confidence that has you moving with inspired action creating your dream business.



A great business coach is one that you can discuss the happenings of your business and they can offer feedback on their area of expertise. Being able to share the preview of your website, you next email sequence, your landing page for your next launch or even help writing your bio for your Instagram account. Whatever you need to help you grow and move forward.

Those talents and skills that your business coach shares will help develop your business all while you learn too. Each time you do a new task in your business, or head in a direction those little snippets of feedback help us to take a look deeper into what our dream business truly looks like.


Having support, encouragement and feedback while we are growing our business will nurture it into something real, big and perhaps wild success. If you are looking for a business coach, take the time to get to know them because the relationship you have with them is filled with so much heart.


I would love to learn more about what you would love in a business coach or love about your business coach.

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