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3 Tips to be your best self in Business with Carol Robinson

Three tips to be more grounded in your business and live life to the fullest. Today’s episode I talk with Carol Robinson, a make-up artist who weaved her story with many threads. She shares her incredible journey and how she embraces life to the fullest.

I met Carol over a month ago at a networking event and I saw her speak and she lit me up. I love meeting people on the same vibration as me. Who love life and live to share it with others. She touched my heart and I knew I had to have her on the show.

Expect some inside wisdom to living a life full of abundance.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Three solid tips to being more grounded in your business
  • Life is a journey and it is about that experience
  • Money is not a dirty word


  • How Carol’s life has been a journey and she evolved over the years (2.03)
  • How Carol’s parents supported her at a young age and played a major role in her life (4.44)
  • Carol’s biggest learning experience (5.35)
  • We talk money and raising your prices (9.13)
  • Carol shares an inspirational quote (9.37)
  • Power of coming from a place of service (11.38)
  • Tips to be more mindful and grounded in your business (13.50)
  • The best investment is in yourself (16.04)
  • How she let go of being a victim to be the victor of her life (17.20)

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