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4 Tips to Stand Out on Instagram

4 Tips to STAND OUT on Instagram

If you are a little late to the ball game when it comes to Instagram, don’t worry! I have 4 tips to help you stand out on Instagram and it will only take you nine posts to look like you have gone pro!

I have been dabbling away at Instagram for years and with the new ‘your story’ section it’s like I had been left behind for a moment. So I have been learning all that I can about how to maximize your business on Instagram in 2017 without using the ‘my story section’. Right now Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with over 700 million users. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet into this platform then here are my top THREE tips to make you stand out on INSTAGRAM.


Just like a blog post, Instagram can be a great tool for telling a story. Storytelling is now just as much visual as it is words. Use your words to engage with your readers, ask them questions, tell them about products make them use their senses.

You know what your brand is all about, so take the time to write out 3-5 keywords that can be the backbone of your Instagram page. For example, my 5 keywords are successful, entrepreneur, online business, bohemian and soulful.

From those amazing keywords, you can create your content and your stores from there. Each post should be about one of those keywords which link back to your brand.

Also don’t be shy to open up and let your heart pour out on Instagram. Long posts are great especially if they are enticing your ideal clients!


But like in a totally good way!

Instagram is all about images, ah, duh. So, make them count!

If you are using Instagram as one of your main social media channels then please take the time out to find imagery that is professional, high quality and is 100% relevant to your business.

If you are posting images of yourself, make sure that they are relevant to your brand. Yes I am talking about selfies and the odd look who I am with post, we like it a little raw sometimes but if you want to set yourself up for success then I highly recommend getting some professional photos done to use throughout your Instagram campaigns.

Don’t get me wrong the odd selfie and shot with your girlfriends can be totally relevant, just take your time taking the photos and edit them to glam them up before posting them in your feed.

Finally, with your images, the overall layout of your Instagram page now counts as a gallery. If you are a little crafty then you are in luck! When you first head over to someone new’s Instagram page do they have a wild mix of imagery or does it all tie together? Let me tell you, the ones that look visually appealing all together are the ones who are going to get your like!


Yes, schedule, if you know me at all I will speak for hours about the importance of scheduling, organising and consistency. One it saves time, two it saves effort and drama when you can’t think of content on a whim. Plus you can look at your overall composition of your posts before they go live.

Scheduling your posts for Instagram is a great way to keep your rhythm and stay active. Just like most algorithms if you’re seen as an active user your posts will be more visible. So scheduling makes sure you keep consistency with your posting. Plus the folks who are following you will love that.

Here are a few great tools for scheduling and even working on your layout!!!!  HootsuiteLater, Planoly and UNUM. The latter two are for visual composing. While Later also has a visual composer too – it’s a preview (this is the app I use)


Finally, I want to leave you with one thing #hastags. Use them, go nuts with them and add a few more. It’s a great tool for connecting with others in your field and new people to find you. Do not underestimate the power of a hashtag. They can be used to search for things, places, products and more.

Make your hashtags relevant to your business. Hey, why not come up with 5-8 right now that you could use on every post that sums up your brand!

Come and say hi on Instagram!

4 Tips to STAND OUT on Instagram
4 Tips to STAND OUT on Instagram
4 Tips to Stand Out on Instagram
4 Tips to Stand Out on Instagram
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