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5 Facebook Groups You Should Join

5 Facebook Groups You Should Join

5 Facebook Groups You Should Join


Facebook has evolved a lot over the years and now with the rollout of more changes for Facebook pages and how your message is getting shared. It is time to look at new routes to get your business seen more than ever.

Right now I am seeing a huge amount of business owners moving into Facebook groups. Me included. And you know what – I see it working. So here is the thing. You don’t have to be the manager or start a group to be noticed. All you need is a handful of groups where interaction is high and members love participating.

Here is my tip for you. You need to show up 100% in the group to get noticed. If you just post in a group once a week or when you feel like it, you won’t get seen as much. What you want to be doing is commenting on others posts where you can give value. Consistently contributing new content to the group especially if there are theme days.

The more you engage the more your posts will be seen. Call it the Facebook algorithm if you like but this is how it works. The more engaged people are on your posts the more they will sit at the top of the newsfeed. FACT!

Here are a few groups that I think you might like to join in on the conversation.

5 Facebook Groups You Should Join

1 – Wild Success Community

Is a community of high vibe and ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business with confidence to create wild success. A group where you can ask questions, get support and meet amazing women who get what you do. Hosted by yours truly.  Come and join the conversation and participate in live trainings, group events and theme day prompts to get you noticed.

2 – Heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs – Tash Corbin

This is one of my favourite groups on Facebook which is hosted by Tash Corbin. It is a great place to meet other women and I have met so many already. They call themselves the #ladyposse. And that’s exactly what it is. Tash runs a tight ship and I love that, theme days are strict but are a great way to showcase your skills and get to know others in the group. Think of it as mega-networking. This is hands down the one group that I have been apart of the longest and it continues to inspire me.

3 – Australian Business Collaborative – Angela Henderson

A community for entrepreneurs to feel connected, seek business advice and provide business advice in order to help everyone grow their business collectively. A great group for those in Australia wanting to collaborate and network with others in business.  Hosted by Angela Henderson there are some great theme days and sense of Aussie community going on.

4 – Boss Babe Tribe – Kirsten Atkins

A tribe of boss babe entrepreneurs who are turning their dream life into reality by creating a business they are obsessed with. Hosted by Kirsten Atkins a twenty-something-year-old boss babe who has us all engaged with daily prompts, loads of sharing and learning for those who are starting out online. Again this is another group that I have made some really great new connections.

5 – The Boss Goddess Tribe – Hayley Tapper

If you like your learnings served with a slice of manifestation power, then drop by this group. Hayley is a fantastic host who delivers great Facebook Live trainings to her tribe, around success and mindset.  It is a community of high vibe, go-getter, spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to take their life and business to a whole new level. Massive up leveling happens in the group – I have seen it!


What Facebook Groups do you love??

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