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5 Journal Prompts to Wrap up your Work Day


Journaling is a powerful way to reflect on yourself but also your business. And I have started a new practice at the end of my workday to finalise the end of my day and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

As an entrepreneur, and I am sure I am not the only one who does this. But I work a lot. Too often, I might check my email at 7pm at night or spend a couple of hours up at night working on a project.

This is my job, it’s not my side hustle it’s my 9-5. But I am working around the clock some days.

But, NOT any more.

My new practice is journaling before I leave my office. It’s funny I have had a start my daily routine in my office but to end the day in style haven’t crossed my mind. Until last week.

So I pack up and get ready for the next day, I file away any papers, I set my desk up ready so I can walk in with a clear plan. That way I don’t second-guess myself at all with what needs doing. But then I get my journal out and I start writing.

I take ten minutes to reflect on the day and how I am moving forward with my business.


5 Journal Prompts to Wrap up your Work Day

What did you love about your day and why?

Explore all the things you loved about your day, was it getting an email from a client, was it reading an amazing article online or even a small win towards your success. How did you feel in that moment? What did you love about doing or experiencing any of the tasks today?


Did you face any problems or struggles today, how did that make you feel and what did you learn from that?

This one is powerful. We all have stumbling blocks to conquer in our own business and it’s good to acknowledge what they are. You know each day I learn something about my business, it could be a way to streamline something, an issue to bring up with my staff or even a little self-doubt about sending an email off to a big name to feature them on my podcast. (it’s coming soon!!) Exploring the struggle, how it makes you feel and what you can learn from it is great, it saves so much time later on because you only experience once instead of over and over again.


What does your wild success look like? The big dream

This questions just emphasises what I want in my life – what does my wild success look like. Instead of just seeing it in my head. I write it down, some days it’s the same but the picture is usually pretty similar. The reason why I write this one down each day is so I keep seeing and living in that dream. I want it to become a reality.


What have you done today to get closer to your wild success? What is stopping you?

This one I journal each week, sometimes daily but the power of acknowledging that you have moved a little closer to your wild success just demonstrates movement. This forward momentum is how you get to where you want to be. And if there is something that is stopping you from moving forward then take a look at why. What do you believe or are you scared of to stop you from creating your empire?


Is there something that you can celebrate today? A small win?

If you have made a small movement forward to creating your success you need to acknowledge it lady! By celebrating the wins, you are inviting more to come into play. A small win could be an email to be interviewed, a new stockist on board or even a client you have been wishing to sign. Whatever it is, feel it and then do something to celebrate.


I hope these journal prompts aid you in signing out for the day. I have found that not only have I acknowledged my business and where it is going. That my afternoons and evenings are work free and I have fewer hang-ups about getting more done. Because I have honoured the time that I have worked.





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