5 reasons why you need to know your ideal client

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Knowing who your target audience is the one thing that is going to set you up for success quicker than anything else. This vital piece of the puzzle to running your business is how you can work smarter and be more productive.

When I started my first business I was 23 and I had a hell of a lot to learn about running a business. However, the one thing I did have up my sleeve was a couple of years studying, creative design (aka advertising). It was all about who the client was, for everything. This age-old piece of the puzzle has never left me.

Who is my ideal client, what do they like, where can I find them?

Twelve years ago in the early days of advertising my art classes, I went around to all the art shops in the city and hung posters. I even visited the universities and tracked down the art rooms. Then there were some artsy cafes around the city they were the next on my hit list.  I wanted to get artists to my classes and back then posters where the thing. Then I looked to the internet to help me get more customers. I found a few places online to advertise the classes for free.

And guess what?? It worked.

I knew exactly who my client was, I knew where to find them and what they wanted.

With every business that I have owned, or helped the first thing I will always ask about is who their ideal client is. There is absolutely no point trying to push your message out when you don’t know exactly who it is targeting. That is why you need to know who your ideal client is.

5 reasons why you need to know your ideal client:

1. You can find them

This one is number one for a reason. When it comes to understanding who your ideal client is and it’s time to market your latest offer or promotion you need to know who they are and where they hang out. If you are unclear of who your ideal client is and what their interests are you won’t be able to market to them clearly and spark their attention.

Ideally, you will want to know everything about them, their age, sex, relationship status, even what they watch on Sunday nights on TV. Your ideal client profile should indicate where they hang out, what shops they visit,  where do they spend time online and what is their favourite social media channel?

If you would like to dive more into your own ideal client, download my ideal client workbook at the bottom of this page.

2. So You know how to talk to them

When creating content for your blog, website and even social media you should be addressing it to your ideal clients. Knowing what they need in terms of support and information in their day-to-day lives will help attract them.

The underlying goal of all your content should be: How can I serve my ideal clients.

If you can deliver content that speaks to them directly, sparks emotion and solves a problem, I am sure that they will come back for more information. Because you have caught their attention and helped them.

Another tip is to use language that resonates with them. If you are targeting young 20-year-old girls who love fashion, you want to use words that they use often to describe clothes and style. As it is far different if you were talking to 40-50-year-olds about fashion, you could get away with using words like snazzy, timeless and sophisticated.

3. They are more inclined to buy

Selling a product can feel icky sometimes and it doesn’t have to be. Because if you are clear about your target audience and speaking directly to them the right people will be attracted to your product and services.

Which translates to effortless selling of your products because people are hungry for them.

4. They are loyal

That email list of yours that is growing, well, that is your loyal ideal clients. I like to call them my royalty. Because these are the folk that open my emails, engage with me on my blog and social media over and over again.

They tend to stick around longer because I am speaking to them and helping them on their path. Love them

5. They become your cheerleaders.

Your loyal ideal clients will be the best investment you have made in your business because they are the ones that will refer new business to you. Loyalty is beautiful but what is even better is when these people start sharing your work around. It could be sharing a blog post, recommending your services or product through word of mouth or could be a little blog comment that boosts you.

Once you have truly aligned yourself with your ideal clients and got to know them and everything about them they will start to come. Because you are talking directly to them and creating a sense of community around your business.

If you want to review your ideal client profile download my workbook with a free printable to hang on your office wall so you can be reminded everytime you write a piece of content who it is exactly.


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