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9 Places to put your opt-in offer to grow your list


Are you eager to grow your email list with your brand new opt-in offer?


Creating your opt-in is just a small step to growing your email list.  All that work you put in to creating an offer that is amazing and that your ideal clients will love.  It is now time to get it out there so people can see it and get incredible value from it.


But where do you start?


Over the years I have trialled many ways to grow my list, some successful others not so much. But the one thing that I have learnt is that you should have your opt-in offer on your homepage at least twice or even three times! And make sure that people can see it, don’t hide it, don’t let it be a second thought. Grab the attention of your visitor with that incredible offer you have and make them want it.


Ok, so here it is…


9 places to put your opt-in offer to grow your list


Above the fold on your website’s homepage

Hands down this is the best place to put your opt-in offer. It is the area when someone first clicks to your website that they see – before they scroll down or click to another page. You can simply have a catchy call to action in an image with an opt-in form or just a button. The other thing you can do is put a bar across the top with your opt-in offer if you can do it with your website design that’s great or there are a few tools to add one, I love Hellobar and have used it in the past.



Depending on the layout of your website, I highly recommend having a sidebar sit along side your blog content. Using your sidebar you can point people towards your new opt-in. Create an image or two to place in their and link to the landing page of your opt-in offer.


Footer of your website

What I love about using the footer as a way to grow your list is that many people actually will scroll to the bottom, they miss a lot of the content on a page but if you have an eye-catching CTA (call to action) with an easy to fill out box to sign up. You might just get another person on your list.


Link in your navigation menu

This one has been totally underrated in the past. Depending on your business you can be really clever about hiding the fact that they are subscribing to an email list. You might want them to ‘join’ a community, access a ‘freebie’ or even simple ‘subscribe’ you can call the tab in your menu anything you like but I highly recommend you point it to a landing page for your opt-in.


Pop-up or welcome mat

Personally, I hate both of these, its just seems like overkill from a user perspective but I do know that they get great results in conversion. A pop-up or welcome mat can be set up to pop up when a user is on your website. You can be rather strategic about it, and have it only show on specific pages or show only for the first time they visit your site. If your a pop-up kind of person – add one to your site. They really are one of the best ways to get your incredible opt-in in front of everyone who visits your site.


In your blog content

When writing your blog content it’s a great idea to throw in a post that links back to your opt-in offer every now and again. You can display your link as a text link in the blog post or it could be a button or a big sign-up offer at the bottom of the post. Depending on what your opt-in offer is try and tie it into something you regularly talk about.


Email signature

This one surprises a lot of people with the results they get from displaying their opt-in offer in their email signature.  You can keep it plain and simple with a simple catchy one-liner text link or get creative and make an opt-in offer banner that runs the width of your email signature.


Social Media Bio’s

Make sure that you include a small and snappy call to action in all of your social media bio’s. It should be a simple one-liner that explains what your opt-in offer is, does and who it is for. Use it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. You may also like to consider the images you use on Facebook too as your headers (another way to share your opt-in offer) For example your banner could say “click here to download xyz” they click on the image and then you have the info there in the description.

Facebook Ads

Finally, this is a great option to get your opt-in offer out there if it is in your budget to do so. I think that even if you have a minimum spend of $50 a month you can really grow your email list. It has definitely worked for me in the past. If you are going to go down this route please make sure you have a great sales page to point the ad too and talk more about your incredible opt-in offer.



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