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If you like to paint outside the lines in business and want a life that’s anything but beige….

Then we’re going to get along just fine!

Hello, I'm Lizzie


I’m a big dreamer who lives off-grid in the rainforest and I’ve devoted my life to helping entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams.

I’m dedicated to helping conscious business owners, visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs to expand their business confidently all while making a big IMPACT.

My expertise is showing you how to be a complete badass at running your business with a soulful strategy, leaving you feeling powerful and in alignment with your vision.


I am SO excited you are here!

When it comes to growing your business my philosophy is that you need to come from a place of heart and be able to share your vision unapologetically. Because when you connect deeply with yourself – that is where the magic happens!

I want you to get a little WILD, be vulnerable and let your natural talents shine and to take your business to the next level.

I know that once you combine the deep inner work with the right strategy and clear action steps tailored for you – ANYTHING is possible.

As a marketing and mindset mentor, I work with entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to grow and expand their business with confidence and spirit.

And now I am helping thousands of people take action through my podcast, online community and speaking events.

Lizzie Moult (16)


I grew up in rural Queensland, a big dreamer at heart and I have always followed my passions in life, love and business.

Leaving school to move to the big city, I was chasing freedom. I studied graphic design and weaved in fine art. This is where I built my first website, fell in love with the texture of paper and learnt everything to know about telling a story to captivate your audience.

I soon left the city to travel the world and ended up living in the UK for two years. Returning to Australia at the age of 23 with a growing taste for the less regimented side of life, I decided that I wanted to do things on my own terms. This is when I started my first ever business – running unique art classes and I quickly built them up to be one of the premier programs in the city.

I soon sold that business to move on to explore Mexico and South America with a boy I fell in love with. He had a food and travel blog. Which I totally took over by the end of the trip.  Over the coming years I turned it into an award winning blog, which is still online (, in case you want to look me up).

On our return I once again set up a new business, this time a successful catering company doing events, selling preserves and making special orders. It was loads of fun. It also taught me a lot about systems, processes, planning, hiring staff, building a customer base and STRATEGY.

Then, we decided to get married. And yes, went travelling again, this time through wonderful Asia! We promised that we would never live in the city again. He grew up on a hippy commune and I grew up in the country. So we definitely wanted out of the non-stop pace of city life.

We found a farm and lived in a shed for a few years while I ran workshops about farming and cooking plus running a successful sustainable farm gate. I was making profits and life was fantastic.

Soon after, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into our happy little family. My husband quit his FIFO (fly in fly out) job and we moved back to his home turf in the Northern Rivers of NSW, where we spent a few years renting and then buying a house which I renovated while we had our second child.

This little guy changed my life. It was the wake up call I needed to create a biz to help others. I quit blogging. I studied. I then set up this business and we moved for the final time, to the rainforest, completely off-grid.

Now, I am helping amazing people build businesses that make an impact in the world by simply sharing their vision with a strategy that feels soulful, authentic and personalised.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda

Because I know first hand how powerful it is to have someone support you while you are growing your business.

Someone who understands what following your passion is all about.

I LOVE what I do, and I know YOU DO TOO!

The way I run my business is a mixture of practical, soulful strategies and spiritual woo woo goodness. And it seems to be the perfect formula to create the lifestyle I want to live while running my business.  To me, that means I have plenty of freedom to take holidays and hang with my friends and family.

I laid the foundation for my business and it has helped me to run my business by creating sold out workshops, events & group programs, with a client list of epic visionaries and conscious business owners.

I wake up every single day truly loving the life I have created and I want this for you too!


I live in the rainforest
My home is completely off-grid with no mobile phone reception
I love cooking (I use to be a vegan chef and cook at retreats)
My fav drink is a G&T or a good French red wine
Beyonce is queen
LOA (law of attraction) is something I totally believe and practice
I have two super cute kids and the most supportive husband in the world
Travelling is my drug of choice
I am super-organised and love creating a system for anything.
One day I want to write a book

Lizzie Moult (10)

Let's Get Started

I love helping people just like you to create a tailor-made strategy for your marketing & business so you can live the lifestyle you dream while running a successful business that you love.

Are you ready to tackle the big picture?

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