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Anxiety and how to manage it with Hollie Azzopardi

Anxiety in business is real. We often fall into the trap of overdoing and pushing ourselves to reach goals instead of tuning in to our bodies. On today’s episode, I talk with Holli Azzopardi about anxiety and how to manage it while running a business.

Hollie is a leading Australian wellness influencer, intuitive, speaker and writer – teaching men and women globally to love themselves, and live their dreams.

Published in Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, Lorna Jane, Mamamia and Sporteluxe, Hollie works with people seeking to reconnect with their soul, empowering them to make loving and positive life changes.

We are opening up the discussion on this mental illness and how we can be our best selves in life. There is 100% real talk in this episode, both Hollie and I open up for you as a platform to acknowledge Anxiety in its raw form.

Biggest Takeaways

  • You don’t need to suffer in silence and it’s important to acknowledge your body because it is giving you all the signs
  • 6 fat juicy tips to get you back into your own skin
  • Follow the feels!!


  • How Hollie transitioned from corporate to sharing her biz (1.47)
  • The key to doing is what you love (6.14)
  • How we evolve in our lives (7.15)
  • Hollie’s biggest learning experience, which you don’t want to miss (7.53)
  • Real talk about anxiety and Hollie’s story with it (9.59)
  • What a panic attack or an anxiety experience feel like (14.30)
  • Different symptoms and the severity of each case (18.50)
  • How to get back into alignment when we feel anxious – six tips everyone needs to hear (20.15)
  • Best piece of advice for anyone who suffers anxiety (29.35)


Links mentioned in this episode
You can find more about Hollie here –

Hollie’s eBook the People Pleasers Guide to Putting Yourself First

BOOK: The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

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