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Being an Artist Fueled by Love with Arna Baartz

Have you ever wanted to create something? An artist is someone who expresses themselves freely to create a vision that they see. On today’s episode, I talk with Arna Baatz about art, motherhood and what it’s like to ‘not have a real job’ – something many creatives struggle with.

Arna is an artist, writer, educator and poet. She has been finger-painting from the beginning when her father, also creative, encouraged her by taping paper to the walls of their home and letting her loose with paint. As a result, she is an expressive artist with a belief in non-judgement, often purposely leaving her ‘mistakes’ in an attempt to allow the unfolding to participate in a finished piece.

Arna has won and been selected for many art awards including those of prestige and has had both art and words published extensively around the globe.  She is delighted to have the opportunity to create in this lifetime. Her words and poetry are transcendental to a degree and offer the intention of unconditional love and hopefully a little dab of inspiration to anyone else on a similar journey.

Biggest Takeaways

  • That love + passion are the only drivers you need to be successful
  • Life is continually unfolding and it is epically beautiful
  • Being creative doesn’t mean you need to be poor


  • Arna shares her story and behind the scenes of expanding her business and family (2.44)
  • What Arna thinks about selling and how she turns up as herself (5.45)
  • Mirroring & reflecting – And why integrity is so valuable (7.39)
  • What we feel needs to be added into the business (9.15)
  • Creating intentions for your business and staying present (11.15)
  • What do you say when people suggest you get a real job?? (13.36)
  • Dealing with the fluctuation of paychecks and having a back-up plan (16.32)
  • How Arna’s eight kids have played a role in her life (19.15)
  • How her children drove her business (22.05)
  • Biggest tip for starting and being in business and the number one question you need to ask yourself (24.28)


Links mentioned in this episode
To find out more about Arna visit her website –
And if you are interested in her side projects visit –  &

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