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The Cycle of Awareness with Jo Gillard

Do you ever wonder if you made the right decision? Or perhaps your emotions are getting the better of you? Did you know that bringing in awareness can help you to tune into what you really want but also move you closer to it?  On today’s episode, I talk with Jo Gillard a good friend of mine about the Cycle of Awareness and what that looks like.

Jo is an Energy Empowerment Coach and Craniosacral Therapist, she supports tired, overwhelmed mothers who feel that have lost their step in the dance with life. She helps them to connect with what they truly want from life, empowering them to write their own story and begin intentionally crafting a life that they love, that is aligned with who they are at all levels – body mind and soul.

Expect to learn how to make good decisions and how to bring more awareness into your life. This episode is packed with gold and will leave you wanting to learn more but also to slow down.



Biggest Takeaways

  • How to listen to your body to make a good decision
  • Why your emotions are flared and how you can heal them
  • Positive thoughts are so powerful
  • The three elements of awareness explained.


  • Jo’s story of how her mum kept self-help books to becoming a charted accountant (1.54)
  • How jo started to become more aware (8.08)
  • The cycle of awareness explained (9.42)
  • The first element soul and spirit and how we can connect (10.00)
  • Thoughts are so powerful and how they affect our awareness (11.27)
  • When thoughts affect our being (13.13)
  • The direction of the cycle of awareness and how we can understand it (15.27)
  • How to nourish our awareness with positive thoughts (17.22)
  • How to make good decisions (20.22)
  • Emotions that are highlighted are the alarm bells for you to start bringing in awareness into your life.


Links mentioned in this episode

Check out Jo’s website –


Dr Joe Dispenza –

The Celestine Prophesy – James Redfield

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Reference to the Toltec

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