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Why you should back yourself with Paul Medeiros

Why you should back yourself and stay true to your values. Paul Medeiros the co-founder of The Source Bulk Foods shares how he started a retail revolution offering local communities a zero-waste shopping option.

The first store opened in Mullumbimby only a few years ago and now they have over 40 stores in Australia, 2 in New Zealand and earlier this year they opened a store in the UK.

I fell in love with the store while I was living in Mullumbimby over two years ago. I could buy my pantry items as much or as little as I liked and they all went into brown paper bags, I would fill up jars with oil. The staff were always so happy and we would share recipes, I would learn more about conscious food choices. It was the best.

Expect to listen in to a conversation about conscious shopping, working nights, doing seven days and putting your values first.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Why you should believe in yourself
  • Having a plan makes for smart business decisions
  • How a tree change can change your life forever.


  • Paul shares his story of how he moved his family to the Northern Rivers (2.00)
  • And what he was doing before his journey began as a business owner (3.07)
  • The who, what, where and how the first store came to fruition (4.35)
  • What conscious shopping looks like (6.24)
  • Providing customers with a choice while education (9.00)
  • What the business looks like now (11.13)
  • How they opened a store in the UK (11.57)
  • Why they have grown organically (12.42)
  • Why you should back yourself (13.54)
  • Planning and writing business plans make smart decisions (15.22)
  • When to take the next step (16.45)
  • Some valuable advice if you are starting or already in your business (17.46)
  • How Paul and his wife first started and were working 7 days a week (19.10)
  • Working nights and Netflix (21.08)
  • How to keep your values at the center of your business (21.50)


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