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Create a Business with Heart


If you enroll and train to be a life coach at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy by clicking on the Enroll Button below, as a proud Certified Beautiful You Coach I have a very special offer for you.

But first

I want to share my coaching story.

For a few years, I knew I wanted to help people at a deeper level, I just didn’t know how. I had become a full-time mum, after running three successful businesses and I was taking time out. I had time to evaluate what I truly wanted.

I wanted to be a life coach, I wanted to help other women, so I started looking around for course after course. Finally, a fellow blogging friend wrote a blog post about becoming a coach and how much she loved her new direction. I emailed her to find out all the details.

This is when I first came in contact with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. At first, I had reservations about the course the website was pink and honestly who was going to take me seriously if I studied at a place called Beautiful You? Luckily I don’t judge by face-value and the more I read through the BYCA website, I knew this was the course for me.

I knew it was the right course for me because I didn’t want a clinical approach I wanted it to come from a place of heart and deep understanding. I had worked with a life coach on and off for years and she was amazing and the one thing that I loved the most was that it was all about digging into my feelings and allowing that to guide me.

And I wanted to give that to others, especially those in business.

During the course, I learned the skills to become a great life coach, I made some new friends who I still hang out with today and I am forever being inspired by team beautiful. The supportive environment and the ongoing encouragement from the beginning of my studies until today have never stopped.

The Beautiful You course was life-changing. It honestly blew my mind.  Yes, I got all those amazing skills and friends, however, my own inner journey and self-uncovering were huge. My life transformed from full-time mum and what to do next to OMG – I have finally figured it out.

The one thing that I was supposed to be doing all along.

Working with ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to create their dream business and have someone on their side to help with marketing, blogging and becoming more visible.

The Beautiful You Coaching Acadamy

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is for people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.

Not only will you learn all the life coaching skills you need to become a leading coach, you will learn the business skills you need to have a thriving coaching business. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is proudly an Approved Coaching Education Provider by the International Coach Federation.

The Academy was founded by certified coach and clinical counsellor Julie Parker who has worked in the industry for sixteen years. The comprehensive six month online course not only teaches you how to become a heart-centred and skilled life coach, but also how to build a life and business you love.

My Special Offer

As a proud Certified BYCA Coach, I’m excited to offer you a very special bonus!

If you sign up through my affiliate link you’ll receive a $1000 AUD gift certificate which you can use towards becoming a Certified Coach.

Working together I can HELP YOU:

◇ Write content that inspires action from your readers, from blog writing to website content, ad campaigns, articles and social media posts.

◇  Grow email lists that get your dream clients lining up to listen to what you are saying and eagerly waiting for more.

◇  Leverage social media to grow your audience.

◇  Stay aligned with your purpose and why you started your business in the first place.


As I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, any coaching series done with me will count toward your future certification as a coach. 

Lizzie Moult

What does a coaching series look like with me?

◇  6 x 90 minute Skype session (worldwide)  every two weeks over the course of three months.

◇  Unlimited email support between sessions

◇  Worksheets, resources, cheat sheets and readings lists that I think will help your business

◇  Feedback on whatever you are working on during our coaching series.

Are you ready for a wild adventure to create a life and business you love?

*It is important that you click the button above before signing up for the BYCA course to claim your $1000 gift certificate. If you don’t, the Beautiful You team will be unable to identify that you have enrolled through me, and you will miss out on your gift certificate. 

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