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Beautifully Real Food by Sam Murphy | Cookbook Competition

Chef Sam Murphy wanted to change her lifestyle and wanted a more balanced diet. Since discovering the world of plant-based eating, she’s experimented in the kitchen and learnt how to continue eating her culinary favourites from burgers and pizza to doughnuts.

How amazing does that sound? I am yet to become a vegan, I just can’t let go of eggs and honey. Two things we use a lot of in our house, so I choose to buy organic and local for those. However, eating vegan pizza – amazing, that recipe is on the cards for me on the weekend to try as I don’t do dairy well.

Over the past week, I have been indulging in sweets from Beautifully Real Food by Sam Murphy. Sam is known for her sweets and let me tell you we have been living like kings. We don’t tend to eat sweets much but we have eaten a batch of the salted chocolate brownies which have black beans in them (protein boost – nice) and at the moment we are savouring the peanut butter and jelly slice. We used blueberries instead of raspberries and it’s turned out great, the kids love it (sugar-free) so that is a blessing.

Another recipe that I am going to give a go very soon is making my own seitan, it is something I have talked about with friends but still have yet to do it. For some reason it is calling me, maybe it is easy as I have been putting it in the too hard basket for no good reason.  I think it’s time to step up and give it a go.

For those of you who are vegan, this book is great to get old classics like teriyaki chicken, cheesy nachos, cheesecakes and the most amazing salad dressings back into your life. Then there are some of us who haven’t quite tipped the scales towards being a vegan because we can’t live without a burger, brownies or bacon. Don’t worry Sam has you covered with healthy alternatives to these – yes! there is an alternative to bacon.

I had the opportunity to ask Sam a few questions about being a vegan, take a read below.


How does eating a vegan (plant-based) diet benefit your self-care?

Eating well (for me) is definitely high up on my priority list when it comes to self-care. I’m an extremely active person, either in the gym or running – so I feel my best physically and mentally when I’m running solely on plants! I enjoy the complexity and creativity that comes alongside plant-based cooking – it’s very therapeutic for me and is an art form which I dearly love.

Why do you live a plant based diet?

It’s easy, delicious and I have never felt better! It’s a very simple & easy decision for me.

3 tips for anyone who is looking to become vegan and how to start.

  1. Start by even just eating one meat-free & dairy-free meal a week. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, sometimes small changes are the best and most sustainable, then you can look at venturing further and removing more meat and dairy where you think you can!
  2. Learn about new ingredients! And get your hands on with things that you’re not familiar with – it’s the best way to build confidence quickly.
  3. Research! There is a plethora of information online regarding the health benefits of veganism, but I feel if you are going to transition to a vegan diet there are things you definitely need to keep in mind – IE not removing whole food groups and supplementing where necessary in order to reduce your chance of nutrient deficiencies and to feel your best. Take it slowly and tackle one step at a time.

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?

White Miso Paste, Mushrooms, Garlic & Onion! Couldn’t live without ’em.

I see that cheesecakes are your thing – tell me what is your signature cheesecake?

Definitely my Snickers cheesecake. It’s loaded with caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla – everything you could ever want. It’s my most popular by far.

Do you have any vegan food crushes, chefs, bloggers you admire?

I’m in love with;  @talinegabriel, @thefirstmess@mynewroots@minimalistbaker

Even though some of these gals aren’t 100 percent vegan, they do have WONDERFUL plant-based and vegan recipes plus I find their approach to food, photography and blogging very inspiring! Love love love! All of these wonderful humans have new cookbooks coming out/released currently too!


With over 100 recipes, Beautifully Real Food will take you through the day from breakfast to dinner, bringing together Sam’s healthy versions of everyone’s most indulgent meals, from spaghetti carbonara, Tex-Mex cheese toasties, loaded vegan dogs, seven different and delicious burgers, salted caramel brownies, pumpkin pie, cheesecake and much more, using only vegan ingredients that allow you to enjoy a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet while eating the food you really want.


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HOW TO ENTER: Click the box above to enter. Follow the two prompts 1 – Leave a comment below  (at the bottom of this post) to the Q – Why do YOU want a vegan cookbook?, STEP TWO – Head over to facebook and like my page. Winner will be drawn at random on Monday 10th April 2017. FOR AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. Good Luck

DISCLAIMER: This post is written from my heart and has no bias. I have worked in conjunction with Bonnier Publishing to bring this post to light. I have been gifted a copy of the cookbook to review and share with you all.

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  1. I have been drooling over your yummy recipes on Instagram and would love to try a few of the tasty treats out myself. I admit I am not vegan, but we do have Vegetarian dinners at least 2-3 times a week 🙂

  2. I would love a vegan cookbook as while I don’t have any vegan friends or family, a lot of people in my life have allergies (dairy, eggs etc) so being able to cook food that can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone would be great.

  3. If I don’t win this
    I will buy it
    I need this book for my work life and home life
    It sounds amazing !!
    Perfect timing Lizzie Again 🙂

  4. I would love to win this book for my friend who has simple values as myself when it comes to simple living. Her family of 5 are all Vegan and I would love to be able to gift this book to her.

  5. You sold me with the sweets. Peanut butter and jelly slice, yum! And bean brownies, be still my vegan heart!

  6. Both my daughter and I deal with heredity ‘fatty liver disease’! I have lost 15k after a long illness and she, 6k. We were not ‘unhealthy eaters’ but now vegan is the answer for us both. Way to go and restore body health!

  7. It would be fantastic to have an inspirational vegan cook book to use when my 27 year old daughter comes over for weekly family meal. It would help us be healthier and save me from cooking lots of different meals just to find something delicious everyone can enjoy.

  8. We’re really trying to make some big moves in focusing on our health in our house. We eat 50% meat to vegetarian meals, but I’d love to start reducing other animal products. This cookbook would be a great inspiration for those animal product free meals.

  9. I am not much of a chief but I am trying to change that. Always looking for recipes that are healthy for the whole family.

  10. I have become a Vegan by default really – always mostly Vegetarian with a little meat occasionally – I was bitten by a Paralysis Tick in 2008 and reacted quite badly – I now have MMA Alpha-gal disease which means that any animal product my body mistakes as poison and the affects are the same as food poisoning (I do miss cheese!)
    I would love to win this book as I am always trying to find and adapt recipes to make them Vegan. I grow my own vegetables and fruit, make my own bread and sourdough, and have a pantry full of dried beans, lentils and pulses! I enjoy cooking and am looking forward to new recipes to astound friends and family that Vegans not only can eat well, but we have the best food ever lol!
    Blessums, Jennifer

  11. This book sounds amazing! I’m in need of some new inspiration for cooking for my vegan partner. Loving your website by the way ? xoxo

    Jennifer Taylor
    Congratulations Jennifer, we will get a copy of Beautifully Real Food in the mail to you very soon.

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