Why Boosting your Brand Awareness Should Be On Top of Your List of Things To-Do

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Growing my email list is something I plan. Sometimes it comes with a little luck but most of the time I am very strategic about it. And a simple way for me to grow my list is to boost my brand awareness and be seen in front of new potential clients.

There are so many ways to boost your brand awareness and I have to admit I have tried loads of them. And knowing which one to take next or how to create it comes with a little trial and error but the rewards are a growing email list.

One of my favourite ways to grow my email list is speaking engagements. I have done a few of them over the years and loved them. The funny thing is my first ever event, I forgot to plug my brand or properly introduce myself. Yet my website’s traffic over the following days was huge. I was featured in the program online and in a printed version, so the people who loved what I was talking about still found a way to find me.

So apart from growing your email list why is it so important to boost your brand’s awareness?

Let me explain…


Why Boosting your Brand Awareness Should Be On Top of Your List of Things-To-Do


Grow your Email List

Everyone should have an email list to stay in contact with their ideal clients. Email lists are great because the people on that list want to hear from you. You can create fresh content to help them or share incredible offers, product specials or events that they might be interested.

I like to think of a healthy email list as a place of warm leads, people who are wanting more from you. Conversion from email marketing is huge.


Become a Household Name

What if your band became like Coca-Cola, Facebook or Amazon.com? Yes, these are household names. Yes, they are huge names but they also started somewhere. When you boost your brand’s awareness you are opening up to a new group of people to see your brand. People start talking about you or your product at parties, social events or even from your best-friend.

Your brand becomes recognised, and it becomes a household name that people are aware of. Did you know that the second best way for someone to be inclined to buy your product is when someone they know recommends or mentions it.


Seen as an Expert

Depending on your route to boost your brand’s awareness being seen as an expert is a great way to promote your brand. You may not be selling anything you might just be running a workshop for someone to learn how to cook, but by demonstrating those skills people can see that you are a keen cook and passionate about what you do (if you were selling a food product). Another example is when I spoke at an expo years ago, the topic I was talking about served the audience, yes they loved me but they saw me as an expert. I was on the stage! I soon became a go-to girl in the area on that topic.



This one I think happens when people are reminded that you are there. Having a trusting audience and that you are a brand that they can count on. Continuously boosting your awareness you may sometimes cross over the same people, but that brand recognition that you keep popping up makes a difference.

People trust a brand that they have seen a few times around. It could be in a magazine, running Facebook ads or featured in the newspaper. If your brand continually is seen, people will trust you. And a trusting audience is one that will buy your products.



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