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Branding your Business with Heart with Kristin Kembel

Landing more dream clients who you want to work with can be achieved with really good branding. Today I talk with Kristin Kembel on how to brand your business with heart so you are delivering your message and telling a story.

I love talking about branding and I feel it is one of the first things you can do right for your business. Because to me this is where you can start attracting your dream clients. And we all want more dream clients right.

Now, this is Kristin’s second time on the podcast. She moved to Australia last year from Atlanta Georgia. She is a professional graphic designer, turned art director, and runs her own girl boss business – let’s just say she definitely knows the ins and outs, successes and struggles of growing and maintaining a brand.

Ok, let’s dive into to today’s episode.

Biggest Takeaways

  • What makes for good branding
  • How to make sure our brand is on point
  • Write how you talk


  • What is branding explained by Kristin (2.10)
  • What makes for good branding (3.29)
  • How building relationships are good for your business (4.44)
  • Good vs Bad branding and examples (5.13)
  • How a disconnect can affect your business (7.04)
  • Where we should start to put our message out there (7.39)
  • The importance of copy (10.00)
  • Tips to make sure your branding is on point (12.38)
  • Don’t skip on branding (18.17)
  • Why you would want to work with a branding expert (19.26)

Links mentioned in this episode
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