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Doing Business with LinkedIn with Rana Saini

Have you been hearing more and more about LinkedIn? Well I know have and today I discuss the platform with Rana Saini. I attended Rana’s webinar about Linkedin a few months back and it has changed the way I do business. Linkedin is not for everyone BUT for those that sell B2B (business to business) you might want to take a look at its potential.

Rana has always had a passion for helping people and his love of personal development and health drove him to start his first business in the fitness industry over 10 years ago.

Since then he has built, run and sold multiple businesses and found his passion inside creating marketing solutions that help others work smarter not harder and build profitable businesses.

With a mutual love of marketing and business growth he teamed up with Andrew McWhirter, who happened to be one of his first business mentors, where they put their joint experience, knowledge, and passion for business growth together inside of ‘The Influencer Project’

Today, Rana continues to innovate the digital online marketplace for both their business and that of their clients to build systems for business growth and create innovative social strategies for business influencers looking to lead their marketplace.

Biggest Takeaways

  • LinkedIn is a giant database
  • You need to know your audience
  • When it comes to B2B it still is person to person


  • How Rana became an entrepreneur (2.03)
  • When Rana started using LinkedIn for Marketing (4.23)
  • Why Rana chose to use linked into set-up his business (5.15)
  • Using linked in for B2B (8.11)
  • Not overcomplicating how to connect with people (9.59)
  • Connecting with people in real-time and really understanding them (10.45)
  • Three pillars of connecting with people on Linked IN (12.56)
  • Being consistent with your strategy (16.37)
  • Entrepreneurs are the bravest people on earth (18.34)
  • Linkedin is a FREE platform (19.22)


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