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Too Busy for Self Promotion. Think Again!

6 tips to get your Self-Promotion skills rocking

Self-promotion is challenging full stop.

Running a business and doing all the daily tasks is a handful, I get it.

So often I hear complaints about businesses slowing down, or that they haven’t even really kicked off.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself right now …

is put yourself out there!

Many of us often get caught up in great ideas and side projects, hey even life gets in the way at times. I can hold my hand up and tell you its happened to me. Where have I been for the past month on social media? Yes taking a break but all so realigning myself with my business and where it is going. Don’t worry so many good things are coming from my heart soon. I can’t wait to share!

BUT… the message is – even though I have had a break and it’s totally ok to do this its time to get back on the bandwagon and spread my message.

Shouting, ok, maybe more like ‘inspiring and creatively’ sharing my message with my tribe of passionate entrepreneurs and business women who are leaving their mark on the world. I do this because it is the only way for people to know exactly what it is I offer.

Picture this. You have studied a course you set your heart on to change your life and are one hundred percent convinced that you have found your new direction, you’re stoked. You get your web domain and hosting sorted, you snaz up a killer website and then you’re waiting for customers or clients to come. Guess what?

They’re not going to find you!

It’s up to YOU to spread your message and educate your ideal clients and customers about what you do and how you can help them. Let everyone know what it is you do and how you can help them.

We are all here to serve and share our unique gifts. To do that a little self-promotion is required.

6 tips to get your Self-Promotion skills rocking

Tell people what you do!

When you are at a party, grocery store or talking to another mum at playgroup, share with them what you do and how they could work with you. Do this in an organic way obviously don’t over sell what you do but just mention it. Try this – Hello, how are you? Whats your name? cool. So what do you do? That’s really amazing! (wait for it) Then they ask you – what do you do??? This is your moment – GO!

Don’t underestimate word of mouth

Majority of my clients are referrals. Letting people know including friends, family and clients that you are looking for more business or have a sale coming up is a great way to spread the news about your biz. You don’t know how many other people they know that might really benefit from your services.

Think local

Look at ways you can advertise and share your message in your community. It could be flyers, an ad in the local newspaper, a post on a community board or even running a small event. Why not try for an interview on your local radio station. Are there events that excite you that your ideal clients hang out – go attend and network with potential new clients and customers.

Get social

Share your content, your message through social media. Think of it like this – you are reminding people about you and what you do. This means that you can share your message creatively and not just push products or sales on them. Apart of my message is to inspire so often I post quotes on my social platforms. If you get slack with posting you will drop you reach, so keep it consistent.

Another tip for social media is to be present in ‘groups’ adding valuable comments to others posts will get you noticed. Just make sure your personal profile has all your details up to date and a link to your website.

Sign out with a bang

Your email signature is something that is really underestimated. I think it’s a great way to let people know what you do even if you are not actually speaking about work. For example, I have had tradies through the house while renovating send their invoices and I send them an email back saying PAID! Guess what I got a new client out of it – his wife did the emails and wanted some biz advice. You never know who is looking for your services.

Join the discussion

Pop over to your favourite blogs, and forums and write comments that are valuable and note worthy. People reading the posts might be really interested in what you have to say. Opening up a discussion is also a great way to get to know the author of the blog too.

Just remember every opportunity you have is an opportunity to share your message and let people know what it is you do. I would love for you to share a story about a simple act of self-promotion and the results that came from it.



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    1. Krista sharing your work is so important, you just never know who might know someone who would like to work with you

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