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I work with you personally to build your business. You have me to bounce ideas off, help you find the words to use in any of your content or even create that amazing business strategy you have always wanted to make.

How I can help you:

  • Refine your words for – blog posts, newsletters, nurture sequences, sales copy, website copy – so you are talking to your ideal clients directly.
  • Create a sales funnel (aka nurture sequence) and opt-in specifically for your brand
  • Map out your business plan and marketing strategy
  • Advice on how to improve your website
  • Website design or redesign
  • Business branding
  • Put together a marketing campaign – photoshoot, styling and finished products print and online.
  • Enhance your branding
  • Content planning – blog posts and social media
  • Design your next online or physical product

Investment: Individually priced per project

Email Me:


Thank you so so much for your time and help. I was stuck on a technical issue for days but with your guidance and support not only did I understand the issue but I learned how to resolve it for future! I was so grateful that you made it so easy for me to understand and I truly appreciate the help you gave me to work through it. Thanks again!

Bec Williams, Life Coach

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