Being a Couple in Business with Sarah Butler

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Being a Couple in Business with Sarah Butler

On the podcast today I talk with Sarah Butler about being in business with her partner. We dive into how their business has evolved over the years but also their relationships.

Sarah is the co-founder of Organic Angels, which began in her home kitchen. The idea was sparked around the time she started to introduce solid foods to her first son and wanted to give him the best nutritional start with food free from pesticides, chemicals and artificial hormones. Sarah loathed supermarket shopping with a crying baby in tow and wanted to access fresh organic fruit and veggies online and have it home delivered, but there was not the ideal service around at the time.

Together with her husband Scott they started Organic Angels in 2006, delivering 10 boxes a week in their station wagon. Today Organic Angels delivers fresh certified organic fruit and veggies to over 350 homes a week around Melbourne and Victoria and the demand for the service is growing each year.

Biggest Takeaways

  • There are not many couples who are in business together
  • Mindset is a huge component of growing a business
  • Business is a journey



  • Sarah shares why they started their business (2.04)
  • Why the ended up working as a couple (3.46)
  • The evolution of there roles in their business (4.49)
  • What their business looked like at the beginning (6.19)
  • How does being a couple in business affect your relationships (8.01)
  • Sarah’s biggest learning experience (12.02)
  • Tips for keeping harmony as a couple in business (15.30)
  • Resources for couples in business (22.22)
  • Best advice for those who are working with there partner (25.07)


Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Sarah’s here – OR

Follow Sarah on Insta – @soulmatesinbusiness or @organicangels

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