How to Create a Challenge as Your Opt-In

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I personally love challenges as an opt-in, they are just so clever. We all love learning and improving ourselves and our businesses. I bet you have opted into at least five challenges to improve an area in your life so far.

So why not make your own challenge for your website and start attracting more of your dream clients to your email list.

This is the exact process that  I have been going through over the past week to create my new opt-in challenge “Plan your Year Like a BOSS! Five-day Challenge”

I wanted an opt-in offer that was too good for people not to pass down. One of my primary focuses in my business is that I am always working on my list building. I am always evaluating what is and isn’t working and improving on it.

Over the past few months I have participated in some really great opt-ins and here are some examples for you to take a look at:

The 30 day List Building Challenge: Natalie Lussier

The 30 Day Creative Business Cleanse:  Regina Anaejionu

Seven Day Fast Money Challenge: Tash Corbin

Plan Your Year Like A BOSS! Five Day Challenge: Yours truly

Ok, Lets dive into the process

4 Steps to Create a Challenge as Your Opt-In

  1. Topic for your challenge

Choosing your topic for your challenge is the core element of the process. You are wanting your new challenge to serve your dream clients so they get something out of the experience and also gain more trust in you.

When choosing your topic it’s great to consider the outcome of the challenge you wish to create. Are you going to blend it into your sales funnel or tie it into one of your premium products? Perhaps you want to come across as an expert in your field. Make sure your business goals are tied in with why you are creating it in the first place.

Once you have picked a topic that you love you will need to come up with a name that is eye-catching but also delivers the benefits of the challenge.

Questions to ask yourself  during this process of creating your topic and headline:

  • Why should someone sign up for your challenge?
  • What will they gain after completing the challenge?
  • What is the purpose of your challenge?
  • How will they feel at the end of the challenge?
  • How will it benefit your business goals?
  1. Brainstorm, Outline & Create

This is where the magic happens. You have decided on your topic and come up with a killer headline that people will just have to click because it is so enticing. Now it is time to brainstorm your content.

Decide on the length of your challenge is it 5-10-21-30 days. Once you have decided on the length you will then need to break down each day and outline what each day will cover. When creating a challenge it is best to deliver small bite-sized pieces of information. For example, each day should have one main task to action. This allows the person doing the challenge the opportunity to do the work without feeling overwhelmed.

Map out each day and the outline clearly. Underneath that think of three dot points to support your outcome and then a clear task that they can action.

I find it best to do this process with pen and paper and no distractions. I usually use post-it notes for each day and put the information on it. I actually often create more days than necessary if I feel one is a little weak, I move them around to create better flow. But then they are all in one place.

Then I head off to create my challenge on my computer.

  1. Delivery and Logistics

The method for delivering a challenge is really important. Is it an automated email sequence with videos, is it a locked page with content that is delivered daily, is it a simple pdf that people can access in one go, is it delivered through Facebook?

There are loads of options.

Now putting it all together is where many people either make it or break it. The tech side of anything can often be daunting but there are loads of ways you can deliver the content with tools, plugins or even simply through your email provider. Use something that is easy for you right now in your business or pay for someone to set it up for you.

When it comes to the logistics of your challenge you need to also think about how you are going to be involved in the process for the user. Are you going to support them through each day with a Facebook group? Support emails? Or is it all automated and runs by itself?

I highly recommend that once it is in place and good to go, get a few of your friends to test it before it is released.

  1. Promoting your new challenge

Your challenge is ready to go, it’s all set up and waiting for the first person to sign up. So let’s show them how to find you.

Make sure you add your new challenge to your homepage and if you can above the fold with an easy to click button to sign up. Plus if you have a sidebar pop it in there. And if you want to totally nail it then I highly recommend placing it in your footer so it shows up on every page.

Add your CTA ‘call to action’ to your bio on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and any other social media channel you use. Don’t forget to link it too. In Facebook you can also add it as a button just under your page profile.

Set out a schedule for sharing your post on all your social media channels weekly. Stop in at your favourite Facebook groups but please give value before you start promoting yourself in them first. It’s just nice manners.

Send a call out to some of your previous clients to share your new opt-in and obviously give it to them to try out for themselves too. If you really want to add a little extra traction to your new challenge create a hashtag for it. That way you can check in with participants who may be doing it and see their progress but it also becomes something people may search for.

Ok, that rounds up how to create a challenge as an opt-in for your website. Four really important steps that need to be taken to creating a viral opt-in! Leave a comment below if you have any questions around creating a challenge as an opt-in.

4 Steps to Create a Challenge as Your Opt-In
4 Steps to Create a Challenge as Your Opt-In
4 Steps to Create a Challenge as Your Opt-In

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    1. It can be something so simple yet so effective for helping grow your email list and relationship with your subscribers

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