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How to Create Brand Partnerships with Carlo Cirillo

Are you ready to team up with other brands and businesses but not sure how to go about it? Then this is the episode for you because I talk with Carlo Cirillo about how to create mutually beneficial brand partnerships and of course, discuss all the benefits.

Carlo Cirillo is an ambitious entrepreneur making big moves in the world of business, health and mindfulness. A Former Semi-professional soccer player in Australia and in Europe. He is the director & co-founder of the snack delivery services Snackbox Co & School Snack Box. And recently launched TEME Media Group – A Graphic media company helping sporting teams raise their club culture and engage with their communities. Plus he has is own podcast called the Conscious Podcast.

Here is what to expect; Carlo and I are going to discuss the mutual importance of brand partnerships and why you should consider them and of course how to get them.


Biggest Takeaways

  • The mutual benefits of creating brand partnerships
  • Why building relationships are important for every business
  • Don’t spend six months on a strategy that isn’t working
  • Test and trial your product or service


  • Carlo shares his journey to entrepreneurship (1.52)
  • The biggest learning experience he has had since starting his businesses (3.27)
  • What a successful brand partnership looks like (4.30)
  • The major benefits of brand partnerships (5.41)
  • An example of a good brand partnership (6.29)
  • How to create your own brand partnership, Carlo walks us through his method (8.07)
  • Why building relationships are a great place to start when wanting to partner with other brands (9.34)
  • Carlo’s steps summarized (9.54)
  • The importance of nurturing relationships (11.11)
  • The right timing to approach someone to partner up (12.20)
  • Creating value for the business or brand you are approaching and creating a win-win situation (13.30)
  • The difference between influencer programs and brand partnerships (14.01)

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