Create Your Own Nurture Sequence | Step by Step Guide

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You know you want to wow your ideal clients pants off when they sign up to your newsletter. You know that by creating a nurture sequence you can also close more clients and sell more products. But, honestly, you have no idea where to start.

What’s a Nurture Sequence and Why You need One!

A nurture sequence is a series of emails that gets delivered to your new subscribers after they have signed up to your newsletters via an opt-in. The email sequence is a great way to gain the trust of your new readers and show them a little bit about you and how you can help them.

So, why do you need one? Have you ever wondered why you were not getting as many sales for your ebook or not booking enough clients? Well, it’s because you are not taking advantage of your nurture sequence. You can introduce yourself to your new subscribers and take them on a journey of education and by offering them help and share your offerings your services. But, in a totally cool way that is not salesey and is filled with heart and intention.

Let’s dive in.

You obviously have created an opt-in or have a newsletter sign-up somewhere on your website, so I am going to skip all of that and move into the more important area of how to create your nurture sequence.

Please keep in mind we all have different needs and outcomes for our nurture sequence and this is a guideline of how to create one. You can decide on how many emails to send, what key factors you would like to include in each email.

Just remember to tailor it to you and your business and what you hope to achieve from your email sequence.

In this nurture sequence, there are six emails. You may like to shorten or lengthen the process but this is a rough guideline of how to put a simple nurture sequence in place for your business to increase your sales.

Working on your sequence over time will improve it, make sure that you check in and track your statistics of readers flow so you can improve each email step. It will help you grow a strong lead to conversion rate for your business.

Here we go. . .

EMAIL ONE: Your Welcome Email

This is the most important email of them all. This is where your readers are most engaged! And it should also deliver your opt-in goods. You want to show your reader how important they are instantly! A few things to add to your welcome email:

  • Your freebie opt-in bribe as a PDF, download or link
  • welcome your new reader
  • include a warm message
  • images
  • mission statement
  • CTA (call to action) – possibly to another great resource

EMAIL TWO: Hello & Expectations

This is your chance to tell your new subscriber about you, your business and what’s in it for them.

It may include the following

  • how often you email them
  • what makes you a pro in your area of expertise (about you)
  • why you do this for a job
  • What your subscribers should know
  • CTA – maybe to get social or read a blog post

EMAIL THREE: Paint the Picture

This email is all about setting the scene about how and what it is you can do for your reader.  You want to evoke feelings and help them solve their problem.

Questions to think about

  1. What problem your offer solves (your end game sale item)
  2. What life looks/feels like while the problem exists
  3. What life looks/feels like when the problem is solved
  4. CTA – to more information (blog post)

You may like to add a case study or testimonial.

EMAIL FOUR: Tell em About your Product

This is your email to shine, show them how you will and can solve the problem 100% and point them to your booking page!!!

EMAIL FIVE: Re-engage, Don’t Lose them Forever

You want to reassure your new subscriber, one you are not just all sales, you are a human. Be kind to them make sure they received your sales pitch in a friendly way like ‘hey, did you get my killer offer yesterday?’

Show them that your offer is not the only choice, yes! that’s right as much as it would be great for them to buy your offer it might not suit them right now. Instead of them running for the hills how about offering them some new information via a blog post or a free resource?

Give them a little love and a friendly reminder.

EMAIL SIX: Final chance to Make a Sale

It’s your final chance for your reader to engage in your product for sale, maybe reconfirm that the offer is closing soon. You may want to let them know about keeping an eye out for your next email, did they get your freebie at the beginning? Once again give them some extra material to read if they don’t want to buy from you right now.

For those who want more information about nurture sequences, there are loads of sites offering different techniques, mantras, and even templates. Some will even tell you that the art of a nurture sequence is irrelevant but let me tell you that it is totally not and by creating even a small 3 email sequence will allow your reader to get to know you more.  So when you do have something big to sell later they are ready to listen to you.

I also can not stress enough how important it is for your nurture sequence to have a purpose. It can be as simple as welcoming a reader, to buying an ebook to purchasing a high-end e-course. Please take the time to set your intention before crafting your first email.

Best of luck and I would love to hear from you about your nurture sequence success.

Create Your Own Nurture Sequence | Step By Step Guide
Create Your Own Nurture Sequence | Step By Step Guide

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