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Creating a business using Hemp with Maxine Shea

On the podcast today I talk with Maxine Shea about Hemp and the challenges she has faced while creating and growing their business. This is a story of passion, necessity and sheer determination.

The Hemp Collective story began when co-founder Maxine Shea was diagnosed with a Pituitary Brain Adenoma, a TSH secreting (Non-Cancerous) brain tumour, seven years ago when their son was 18 months old.

Symptoms included chronic headaches, days of deep depression, fatigue, fluid retention and hormonal problems. Within three months of being diagnosed, Maxine had brain surgery to remove the tumour, however, due to the location, not all the tumour could be removed, so it just kept growing.

When Maxine and her husband Mike Shea asked what they could do to stop the tumour’s growth, their options were presented as pharma drugs or more surgery. Instead, they researched hemp and it just made sense — though access was a “whole other issue”, Maxine says.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Passion is necessary for creating a thriving business
  • We all face challenges in our businesses buts it’s how we deal with them
  • Build a support network around you of good people



  • Maxine’s story of how her business got started (2.13)
  • What are the health properties of hemp (4.34)
  • Value-added products (6.12)
  • Challenges of growing hemp (7.29)
  • A brush with the law (10.20)
  • Education is key to growing a unique business (13.33)
  • Maxine is still treating her tumour (14.52)
  • Building a trust worthy brand (16.44)
  • Zero waste and sustainable products (18.11)
  • Tips for managing stress (19.55)
  • Be kind the simplest advice (22.31)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Maxine and the Hemp Collective here –

Follow them on Insta – @hempcollective_byron  or FB @hempcollective

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