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Creating Goals with Intention

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019.

Oh, man can I feel some energy from you! This year is going to be epic, I can just tell. All of the things we did last year were just the beginning of what this year is going to unfold.

Yep, I am excited.

On today’s podcast, I talk about how to set goals with intention. I plan out my year in 90 day increments so I have an understanding of the projects that I need to address allowing me to work in flow. Yes, I plan but I create a framework so it is adjustable. I talk about the steps I take in order to get myself into alignment with my business dreams.

It’s a juicy episode and if you want a little more JUICE, then I would recommend joining me for my FREE Masterclass – PLAN YOUR YEAR LIKE A BOSS – next Saturday 12th June 10am ADST. I am going to be LIVE to help you create a framework for your year and map out your next 90 days. This is a hands-on online workshop for FREE!

January is a time to take action and doing it with clarity and conviction helps, hands down.


Setting Non-Negotiables with MandySciacchitano – Episode #8


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