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Embracing Love through the Ebbs and Flows with Nikii Syme


On today’s episode, I talk with Nikii Syme about how love can help you through the ebbs and flows of life. Nikii shares her incredible story about how she developed her own beliefs around love to allowing herself the things she needs to fill up her cup.

Nikii is a love and relationship coach and the founder of Love UNLEASHED. She is the creator of Single Sisters, The Love Club and is a women’s mentor.

Through her intensive studies of mind, body and soul modalities, Nikii learned that the key to creating life long lasting shifts within is to have a holistic approach to change which allows her clients to RELEASE, REBUILD and CREATE…the three key elements her business is built upon.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Love is Powerful!!
  • Self-love is the catalyst for deep change
  • Giving yourself permission to take time out is okay


  • Nikii’s story of how she developed beliefs around love (2.45)
  • Self-trust and loving first (15.24)
  • Key to love is the through self (16.58)
  • What is love and knowing it (18.05)
  • Defining love though emotions and compassion (19.36)
  • How to allow situations to guide you (21.31)
  • Filling up your cup (26.24)
  • Tips to bring in more love into your life (28.30)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Nikii and her work here –

Follow Nikii on Insta –  @nikiisyme   FB – @nikiisyme

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