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How a tragic event led to creating a business with love with Emma Patrick

When life deals you a hard knock and how it can change your life forever. Today I talk with Emma Patrick about how her business Ava Jewels was born after the loss of her daughter.

Emma is a jeweler, yoga teacher and women’s circle facilitator.  Her incredible journey through life is like a patchwork of events and learnings. Emma believes that Life is a journey, and it’s what you make of the ups and downs that truly define your experience of it.

Expect your heart to be touched in today’s episode and empowered to take control of your own life and with what you have to do incredible things.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Why you should take one step at a time
  • As a business why you should come from a place of service
  • You can ask for help


  • How Emma started her business which was stemmed from the tragic event of losing her baby. (1.44)
  • The bittersweet and how there is a bigger picture to life (6.12)
  • From leaving her 9-5 and adjusting to entrepreneurship (7.26)
  • How to hold a vision for yourself while working 9-5 (9.32)
  • It’s best to come from a place of service (10.28)
  • How Emma dealt with the loss of her daughter (11.09)
  • Why its ok to reach out and ask for support (15.36)
  • Recommendation for when you are struggling in your business (17.32)
  • How intention builds your business (21.01)
  • Emma’s business and what it looks like now (21.58)
  • Giving yourself permission to create (23.50)

Links mentioned in this episode
You can check out Emma’s Mala beads go here –

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