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How to use Instagram to Engage Your Audience

For many business owners keeping up with social media can often feel like a never ending battle. And today I am talking with Ellie Swift who is going to shed some light on Instagram, hashtags and the apps we should be using.

Firstly let me introduce to Ellie Swift, she is a Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, who works with ambitious women seeking more – whether it’s building their online service-based business or taking their social media to the next level.

Ellie is an Instagram wiz and I have witnessed firsthand her incredible talent for connecting with her audience and producing content that people just keep coming back for.

Today’s mini-workshop you will learn how to up-level your Instagram account as a solopreneur and take inspired action towards using the platform to build your audience.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Tips to go LIVE on Instagram
  • 5 apps you should use for Instagram
  • The reason why you should be using Instagram for your business.
  • How authenticity plays a role in using the platform.



  • Ellie shares her story of how she worked in communications to starting her business (2.02)
  • How Ellie and I met (4.48)
  • When Ellie started her business – you will be surprised (5.25)
  • How Instagram is so valuable for business owners right now (6.14)
  • Stats about Instagram that even surprise me (7.09)
  • How the platform works and what it does (7.54)
  • How users are engaging on Instagram (9.29)
  • Learn the best way to use Instagram (10.45)
  • The difference between going LIVE and Instagram Stories (13.25)
  • What users really want to see (16.34)
  • The downside of social media and how to combat that (18.55)
  • Learn how often you should be posting on Instagram (21.11)
  • The power of batching (23.56)
  • How to use hashtags and everything you need to know about them (25.30)
  • 5 Instagram tools and apps that will change the way you use Instagram (31.40)
  • Ready to go LIVE on Instagram then here are five tips to get you started (35.43)


Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Ellie Swift at

Instagram Apps: Later,  Snapseed, VSCO, Canva, CutStory

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  1. Wow I got so much out of this podcast about Instagram – I need to listen to it again! Love Ellie and thanks Lizzie!

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