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Everyone Has A Story with Emma Hannigan


On the show today I talk with Emma Hannigan about storytelling and how we each have a story to share. We dive into how to identify it, why it’s important and we also talk about Bruce Springsteen and Steve Jobs.

Emma Hannigan’s career as a journalist began as an idealistic 15 who wanted to change the world. After more than a decade of working for leading broadcasters in Ireland and the UK covering news, current affairs and arts for the BBC, RTE and TV3 she moved to Sydney where spent 11 years as a senior journalist and presenter for SBS TV News.

It was a role that took her across continents from the highs of Barack Obama’s historic election and the coronation of Tonga’s king to the lows of Sydney’s siege and broadcasting live on CNN on the sex abuse Royal Commission.

After interviewing countless people in all kinds of situations, Emma prides herself on getting interviewees to open up and connect with an audience in a genuine and engaging way.

Emma believes that the most compelling part of any story is not where you are in life, but who you are. Your story is much more than the sum of your parts or your resume. The crux of a story lies in the humanity that connects us all.

 Biggest Takeaways

  • It’s important to paint the picture not write orders
  • Make sure you let all the words out before going back to edit
  • Storytelling is crucial in all business


  • Emma’s story of how she became an entrepreneur (1.55)
  • Where you can find stories (4.55)
  • What are the benefits of great storytelling (6.06)
  • The importance of finding commonality (7.29)
  • Benefits of storytelling in Business (10.03)
  • The importance of Show NOT Tell (12.26)
  • Heightening our emotions (13.45)
  • How Steve Jobs incorporated Storytelling into saving Apple (16.38)
  • How to identify our story (17.07)
  • Using a timer (20.14)
  • How to write like it’s a job (22.22)
  • People connecting with ‘why’(25.28)
  • The best piece of advice for those beginning to write their story (25.39)

Links mentioned in this episode
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Follow Emma on FB –  @CurlyTopMedia

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