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Facebook Ad Funnels with Dan Nikas

Facebook is ever changing and evolving and today I talk with Dan Nikas who shares his audience targeting skills which he developed as a homicide detective that took him from a newbie t-shirt seller to an 8 figure print on demand powerhouse.

Oh yes, Facebook Ads are powerful and Dan is going to walk us through how to create a funnel to really maximize creating warm audiences and also how to target the right people. You’re going to need a notebook and pen for this episode!

Here is what to expect in this episode:

Biggest Takeaways

  • Your audience is always talking – tap into that
  • Facebook ads a great way to grow your business
  • Anyone can learn how to do them


  • Dan shares his story from being a police officer and being retired from the workforce and starting something new (1.51)
  • From the lowest low to turning his life around (5.14)
  • The power of Facebook Ads and what they can do for your business (6.33)
  • How to use funnels for Facebook Ads (12.22)
  • The stages of a Facebook Ad funnel (13.30)
  • Product vs Service based business can they use the same funnel?? (17.17)
  • Dan’s Facebook Funnel summerised into five key stages (20.31)
  • Why so many of us are failing when we use Facebook Ads (23.08)
  • The key to creating a killer Facebook Ad which starts with targeting (23.08)
  • Brands are very important to observe and understand (26.44)
  • Your audience is always talking and what that looks like (28.10)
  • Emoji’s add fun to your ads and help catch people’s eyes (30.14)
  • You need to immerse yourself in it to understand it (33.59)


Links mentioned in this episode

Find out more about Dan and his consulting biz Elite Brands


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