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Finding Your Feet with Catriona Weinmann

Have you ever wanted to step all into your life? Today I talk with Catriona Weinmann about how she followed her intuition to become a reflexologist and her journey over the past six months to living a life of FREEDOM.

Catriona is the heart and soul behind Finding Your Feet, a reflexology practice that supports you to find your feet and take that next step towards your ideal life. Her hands speak to your soul through your soles to connect you with the gentle whispers of your inner wisdom. One of Catriona’s greatest delights and the reason she created Finding Your Feet is to see her clients insights into their own healing.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Trust that your heart knows the way and allow it to lead you
  • You can always do one thing a day to change your life
  • Everyone can tune into themselves to discover their ‘Why’


  • Catriona shares her story of how she listened to her intuition (2.01)
  • She explains that what she does and how it is so much more than about her biz but also her life (6.50)
  • What Catriona’s life looked like back in September and where she was struggling (8.55)
  • What her business looks like now after the changes she has been making over the past four months (11.21)
  • The importance of life and being present and finally having FREEDOM! (11.24)
  • How one of her patterns was falling into people pleasing (13.59)
  • Being vulnerable was Catriona’s biggest learning experience (17.30)
  • Leaning into the fear of doing things differently (22.01)
  • Top tips for those wanting to connect with your heart and find your feet (22.82)
  • Growing in life to follow your dreams and how that one piece of advice can change your life by taking one step at a time (27.45)

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