FREE Enquiry Response Email Template (first contact w dream client & WIN THEM OVER)

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Another email enquiry lands in your inbox, asking the same questions the one you did yesterday. It takes at least 20 minutes of heartfelt typing to craft that email. To only receive another email with similar questions. ahhrrrgย If only there was a magical email template!

I hear you. Are you spending too much time writing emails and replying to potential new customers only to be left standing high and dry??

Are you spending too much time writing emails and replying to potential new customers only to be left standing high and dry??

This week, I have had three clients ask about a way that they could convert potential new customers into sales by their first point of contact, which is email. ย Hella, Yes! Here is what I asked them, do you have a template for your responses? No, that’s ok how about we create one, so each time you get an email, you can cut and paste your handcrafted email and fine tune it to each client.

Which means you are only crafting one email
By making a response email template to an enquiry you are using all your powers to win them over. You can pour the energy into creating a beautifullyย handcrafted email that sings to their heart and answers all those questions people ask. Saving you time, energy and allowing you more time to spend your energy on the things you love in your business. You know the stuff that made you want to run your business in the first place.

So what goes in an Enquiryย Response Email Template?

First, you want to welcome your potential new client, say hello and acknowledge them for making the first step in contacting you. Secondly, you want to tell them a little about your biz, your style, what you offer, when you work and any other important information. What happens next, tell them about your free discovery call, a questionnaire, induction, head over to your website to fill out a form and what it is about. Your setting the rules and guidelines as to how you work with your clients, so let them know. Your direct CTA (call to action). This is the opportunity to get them to take the next step which you just outlined above. Your sign out & name.

Enquiry Response Email Template

Eek, what to write?? When you click the button below you will open a copy of one of my client’s enquiry response email a template for when a client first contacts her. This email needs to be adjusted slightly for each person she responds too but the majority of the information is set-up and ready to go. Saving her loads of time. Annie, who is a personal trainer that operates weekly group classes from her unique gym, wanted to streamline and create a better conversion rate with her potential clients.

As we moved through the process using the right words to engage with her clients, that one reflected her personality – which you will see clearly through the template and two – were positive and encouraging.

These two points are what makes a great first impression. Often our enquiries are our first touch point with our potential clients and we want to WOW them the first time we connect. I really believe that the initial connection should be handled with care because first impressions really do count.

Ok, You can manipulate this template to serve you and your brand. Rewrite it and cut and paste it until it works just right.

I would love to hear about if you have created a response email template to use and how it has.


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