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Frock Blocking with Tash Guthrie

You are probably wondering what the hell it is. But to do Frock Blocking justice I have my really good friend Tash Guthrie with me today. Tash and I have only known each other really since the start of the year – not long. But she is a goldmine.

Tash is a work/life harmony strategist for mums in business and the creator of The Time Creator a popular and unique work/life planner for ambitious women.

She jokes that she has had just about every kind of job there is and brings 20 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience including a stint as a top earner in direct sales and network marketing. She is also an experienced teacher and mentor to other educators.

This episode is to all the ladies who support each other in business.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Three tips to help you support other women in business
  • Drop comparison and what to do when you are triggered by others
  • Frock Blocking explained – so you know what it is too!


  • How Tash started her business to support mums in Business (2.15)
  • Tash’s biggest learning experience revealed (5.22)
  • What is Frock Blocking – Tash shares what it means (6.45)
  • I explain how we came up with the term (7.19)
  • How there are two forms of Frock Blocking (8.20)
  • Tash shared how Frock Blocking affected her in the early days of her business (11.04)
  • How an encouraging email can change your life and business (15.22)
  • Why women should support each other to create success (15.52)
  • What to do when something you see doesn’t resonate with you or triggers you (18.37)
  • 3 tips to make sure you are not Frock Blocking (21.06)


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You can find out more about Tash here –


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