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How to Craft your Elevator Pitch

Welcome to Tips on Tuesday. This is the first installment and I am super excited about sharing all my tips and tricks with you all.

On the podcast today I talk about how to craft your elevator pitch. For me, I think it is super important that you have one and secondly can rattle it off like you have been saying it for years.


  • I explain what an elevator pitch is (2.30)
  • What thinks it is (2.50)
  • What I believe is a good length for an elevator pitch (3.20)
  • Five key factors for your elevator pitch (3.49)
  • How to establish your credibility (4.22)
  • Make a lasting impression (5.03)
  • Invite people with an invitation (6.37)
  • Why you need to deliver with conviction (7.39)
  • My formula compressed (8.10)
  • What my current elevator pitch sounds like (9.26)
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