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How to make great Instagram Stories with Alex Austin

Ready to finally tackle your Instagram stories and make them stand out with a strategy that will help you. On today’s show, I talk with Alex Austin a talented social media strategist who shares how we can make our Instagram stories more appealing.

Alex is the co-founder of Fletch Digital with her husband. Her speciality is helping a brand perfect their social storytelling. Yes, the perfect fit for today show.

We are going to talk about the formula of a good Instagram story, how to leverage hashtags, the DM features and of course the magic number of how many posts we should be putting out there.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Instagram is the fastest growing platform and the conversion for sales is high
  • Be deliberate and create value for your audience
  • Hashtags in your stories help grow your following


  • Alex talks about how she started out in Social Media (1.48)
  • What her biggest learning experience has been (3.22)
  • The power of Instagram Stories (4.50)
  • How Instagram as a platform has grown so much over the last couple of years (5.20)
  • The type of posts we should be posting on our Instagram Stories (6.04)
  • How you can use hashtags in your stories (7.25)
  • The formula for a great Instagram story (7.58)
  • Strategy behind Instagram Stories – it’s about inviting people in (8.55)
  • DM’s are powerful to connect deeper (9.50)
  • Apps to help make Instagram Stories (11.17)
  • How many stories we should be creating (14.57)
  • Be deliberate and create value for your audience (16.10)
  • Spreading out your content and using different types of content make your stories interesting (16.40)
  • Instagram Stories should be spontaneous (18.36)
  • Make sure you are having fun and simply just play with the platform your posts only last 12 hours (19.38)

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Instagram Story Apps: Cutstory, Clipomatic, Hype Type, Unfold, Canva, Planonly

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