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How to Prioritise your time

Struggling to get all the things you need done? Have you wondered how to use your time better to be a productive ninja? Today’s episode I talk about how I organize my tasks to be done so I am getting the important stuff done first.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Why it is important to prioritise the things you need to get done
  • Why taking breaks can help you be more productive
  • Set yourself some mini rewards



  • Why prioritizing yourself is so important (2.49)
  • Working out what is a reasonable workload and what is achievable (3.54)
  • Why it is important to set your work hours (5.08)
  • Write a goal list – and tackle the things you want to do (6.02)
  • Identify the length of each task (7.16)
  • Numbering your tasks in order to prioritize their urgency (8.35)
  • Set realistic expectation (9.35)
  • Have fun with your list and set rewards when you achieve goals (9.56)
  • How a timer can help you with getting things done (10.10)
  • Why ten-minute breaks can help you (10.45)
  • Importance of staying on one task at a time (10.58)


Links mentioned in this episode
Episode 13 with Tim Baxter – Time Management

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