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Hustling with Heart with Pru Chapman

On the show today I talk with Pru Chapman about hustling with heart while surviving the highs and lows of starting your dream business.  We talk about flexibility, hustling and how to make the most of the journey.

A client once told Pru that working with her is like hauling your business through an intense Crossfit session followed by a double espresso and a lazy triathlon after that. As an Entrepreneurial Thinker, Pru has trained over 13,000 Startups and Scaleups to get them on purpose and working disruptively both within and across their industries. She is the Founder + Head Hustler of Owners Collective, a global hub where creativity, lifestyle and practical business know-how collide.  She has with a mad passion for all things creative, mindful and innovative, and gets giddy on climbing mountains, snowboarding around the globe, dancing samba in Brazil and meditating with monks in Asia.

Biggest Takeaways

  • It’s important as a business owner to show up and do the work
  • Hard work pays off
  • Flexibility is key to surviving entrepreneurship


  • How Pru became an entrepreneur (2.53)
  • The pivot points of her business (6.47)
  • Work and life is all the one thing (8.54)
  • Making the change when it was needed (9.41)
  • The value of our time (10.58)
  • Overworking to have a break (13.25)
  • Being flexible through the daily grind (15.10)
  • The greatest achievement for Pru (15.32)
  • Having a team (16.54)
  • Thriving in business and showing up to do the work (18.03)
  • Tips for surviving the highs and lows of business (19.27)
  • Best advice for doing life and biz (23.56)

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Follow Pru on Insta –  @ownerscollective    FB –  @ownerscollective

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