I was recently triggered by Success, here’s why

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What is success? I love this question so much because it provokes. The days of bigger, faster & better are slowly diminishing with more people waking up to the reality that life is for living and not just acquiring shit we don’t need. 

A month ago I was chatting with someone online as I was testing my audience to see if anyone was interested in an idea I had. I wasn’t sure it was the right time let alone if anyone wanted to learn what I had to offer, after all, it was a lifetime of skills I had acquired and ready to share.  


They pointed out another person who did something similar and were super successful

Well, it triggered the shit out of me. 

Why was that person more successful than me? Why did they think they were more successful?


Oh, its because they share how much they earn, how many people have gone through their course, and bang on about numbers. To be honest, yes some numbers do look attractive but what do you get for investing in them to get yourself ahead?

Success to me is all about integrity and how someone lives their life. Look, I am honest as Fuck and, I probably don’t preach my numbers enough but that is not why I want someone to work with me. I want a heartfelt connection that someone trusts me fully and they know that I am there for them. 


The crazy shit about success is that we all JUDGE others on what they have or don’t have.


Trust me, I only know this because I was that person a few years ago. 

I became jealous of people who flaunted money around, had nice clothes, went on endless trips. All the things I kinda secretly wanted. To be fair I still want those things but the way I see them is completely different and how I bring them into my life.

Then there are the people (look at me judging for a moment) WHO thrive on material possessions, owning a fuck-off mansion in suburbia, with their SUV that doesn’t go off road and their jet ski the neighbours wish they hadn’t of bought. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and what they have all looks nice. 


That is surface shit!

Real success is when you are living life like you imagined, simple, not beyond your means and surrounded by people you love who enrich your days – you should be HAPPY!




To be fair, if you are a thrill seeker and really want a jet ski, of course, go and get yourself one. You deserve it, BUT don’t do it to just impress your mates. That’s BS! We aren’t in high school any more people!


Success is coming home to your own values and using them as a foundation to build your life. 


My Wild Success looks a bit like this

🌱 Living in a house in the rainforest

🌱 Off-grid – completely on solar & no phone reception (bliss)

🌱 Having a veggie patch to eat from

🌱 Zero mortgage payments (and bills)

🌱 Working while my kids are at school (so I have maximum time with them)

🌱 My work is my passion & lights me up – even though some people don’t get it.

🌱 Date nights with my hubby – even if it is just a cozy night in on the couch

🌱 Adventures in nature

🌱 Travel to exotic places to fill my cup with culture and street food

🌱 Weekly movement so my body is nourished

🌱 Friends & family to talk and drink loads of tea with


These are all TRUE. 


I lead by example. Life couldn’t be simpler.


It’s a stressfree life.


Do what you can, success doesn’t mean you need to be stressed out and grinding your whole life away for stuff you don’t need. 

Success is living life with passion, expressing yourself as you choose, investing in things that give your life more meaning.


Never let anyone else idea of success cloud yours. 

You deserve to be happy – after all, that is what success really is.

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