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Ideal Client Workbook


The backbone of any good business is having a clear ideal client profile. By using the Ideal Client Workbook you can map out who to target and what their needs are. It is 100% printable and once complete your ideal client profile should be somewhere you can see it while working on your business.

Every business is unique and different and I bet that your soul business has something to share but underlining that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed as to where to start. Inside the Ideal Client Workbook, it’s broken down for you so you can easily identify who you need to be talking to. If you need a little inspiration while you are working on the book (all of seven pages) you will also find a copy of my ideal client profile to take a peek at.

Having worked out your ideal client and being really clear and specific aligns you with more of the people you want to serve. There is no people pleasing involved. You know who to target and what they want – so stick to it.

This vital information is a great source of ideas. Creating blog posts, social media campaigns and even events or webinars all stems from a clear knowledge of who your ideal client is.

I have also added in a little bonus in the worksheet for you about creating your very own unique offerings and it can be in the form of products, services, workshops, events or speaking. Whatever you are drawn to give to your audience.  Take the time to reflect on your skills and knowledge and how it may help your ideal clients. I am sure there is more than one way for you to serve, so take your time and dig deep.

Give yourself ample time to dive into the IDEAL CLIENT WORKBOOK. Maybe look at it over a few days to build an honest and authentic representation of how you are ready to serve. For those who have a website in place this activity is great to review and make sure what you are offering is aligned with yourself and your audience.


I would absolutely love to hear if you had any revelations while using the Ideal Client Workbook, please leave a comment below.

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