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How to incorporate Gratitude in Life and Business with Angela Simson

I am talking with Angela Simson the creator and founder of the Gratitude Project. I saw Ange speak last year to a group of women and I knew I had to have her on the show.

Ange has worked with hundreds of women and inspired thousands with her message of gratitude. She helps women on their quest to live the happiest and healthiest lives they can.   By supporting them to Regain their energy, love for life and have the skills to nurture the relationships that mean the most to them.  And most importantly – the relationship they have with themselves.

She believes that everyone should be working on their happiness and filling their gratitude bank EVERY SINGLE DAY

The Gratitude Project has been featured in the Australian Natural Health Magazine, Lorna Jane Blog, Food Matters website and Peppermint magazine.

On today’s episode, we talk about gratitude and how you can get more abundance in your life and business.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Why you should be scheduling in fun things that inspire you to play and learn.
  • It is totally possible to retire your husband
  • Gratitude is something you need to practice
  • If you want to manifest something you need to be the energy you want to attract


  • How Angela started her business (2.26)
  • How health played a major role in her life and changed her mindset (5.39)
  • What gratitude means (11.22)
  • The real definition of gratitude (12.55)
  • What Angela’s business looks like now (13.38)
  • Why she retired her husband (15.07)
  • How to apply gratitude in your business and not compare yourself against others (18.00)
  • How hiring help improved Angela’s business (19.12)
  • The secrets of the early days of starting a business (20.00)
  • Five ways to bring in more gratitude into your life (21.37)
  • Why you should schedule in new ways to play and learn in your life and how Angela picks one thing a week new to try (25.00)
  • The best way to start being more grateful (27.38)


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