Inspired Social: Claire Cameron of Claire K Creations

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I have personally known Claire for years and I am so delighted that she is sharing a few of her social secrets! Claire writes a blog over at from the heart of her home. She inspires busy mums to declutter, organise & simplify their lives to make life more enjoyable and less stressed.

Claire’s presence on social media is personal, real and engaging and I think so many businesses and entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from her. Ok, let’s dive into the juicy questions.

Why did you start your business?

I started my business initially in the hope of having my own ‘thing’ with flexibility, that I could run from home when I had children.

How has Social Media helped you to grow your business?

Social media has helped me to build a community and get my message out there.

What is personally your biggest challenge with Social Media?

My biggest challenge would be not getting beat down by the mysterious algorithms. Some posts I think are awesome might be greeted with crickets while others that I consider pretty average get an amazing response. I have to be detached from the response and just keep sharing my message.

What do you believe has helped you grow your business online?

My email list. Having an email list to me is the most important thing. It’s a direct line to your potential customers (no Facebook filter!).

What is your Social Media routine?

Eek… um that would be, have an idea, post it. I’d love to say it’s more organised than that but that’s the reality at the moment. I find when I try too hard with it, it doesn’t come out as naturally. Doing it when inspiration strikes, to me, creates better content (totally not for everyone!).

What’s the best advice you have been given and why has it helped grow your business online?

I’ve learned so many lessons this year. I think one thing I keep going back to is ‘life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.’ I try to remember this whenever I have what I might consider a ‘failure’ and try and find the lesson in it.

When you get overwhelmed or frustrated what helps you stay motivated? 

Coming back to my big why is always what brings me back to it. Focusing on what I’m trying to achieve for myself and my family and reading comments from people I’ve helped.

What would you share with someone who is just starting out or new to the power of Social Media?

Remember that social media is just that – social. People are on there to get the goss on people, not
on brands. We have to give our businesses a personality that people will know, then like, then trust (then buy from!).

What’s your favorite: App, Website tool & People to follow???

That’s a tricky one.
App – well it’s about to be the Life Sorted app. It’s in beta at the moment but it’s an amazing new app for managing the family calendar, to dos, shopping lists and reminders.

Website tool – I would say Convertkit for email list building (it’s so very user-friendly) and Samcart for selling things. It makes life sooo much easier.

People to follow – I am loving James Wedmore and his Mind Your Business podcast right now.

You can find more of Claire over at her blog www.clairekcreations or on her Facebook Page.

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