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Instagram Content trends for 2019 with Jarrah Brailey

Want to stay on top with Instagram?? On today’s episode, I talk with Jarrah Brailey about the latest trends in content creation in 2019. This is a must listen episode if you want to expand your business through Instagram.

Jarrah is  an award-winning social media strategist with a proven track record of social media marketing success — working with brands with hundreds of thousands of social media followers, to working with brands with a few hundred [and subsequently scaling them to thousands more within a matter of months], Jarrah believes in the power that social media marketing has to take small businesses to new heights… and won’t stop until she sees every business owner & fellow entrepreneur unlocks this potential with her!”

Biggest Takeaways

  • Find out why DM’s are so freaking important on Instagram
  • Authentic copy and imagery in your feed is paramount for your business to grow
  • How to make easy content


  • Jarrah shares how she ended up managing social media and running Ad campaigns (2.28)
  • Facing the biggest decision of life – What am I going to do (5.21)
  • What makes for a great piece of content (6.59)
  • The importance of having authentic content in terms of imagery (9.58)
  • Copy is equally important to creating images (11.55)
  • Things you should consider when creating great copy (12.40)
  • Hot tips for 2019 and social media (14.30)
  • User-generated content and suggestions (20.41)
  • Best piece of advice from Jarrah’s dad for all aspiring entrepreneurs (21.26)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Jarrah and her Social Media Management Biz here

Follow her on Insta @socialsbyjarrah    FB –  @socialsbyjarrah

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