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Kid Wrangling & Girl Bossing with Joey Juarez

Juggling kids while in business has been a conscious decision for Joey Juarez and her family who decided to start their business in the Northern Rivers four years ago. On today’s episode, we talk about how it has shaped there business, life and Joey’s role as a mum.

Joey is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dona Cholita, a Mexican tortilla & corn chip producer based in the beautiful Northern Rivers.

Joey is a successful entrepreneur, who has built a growing six figure business from the ground up with husband Jefte, all while wrangling two little boys. Joey is all about finding a balance between business and family life, she believes that success is not defined by how many figures your business brings in, but by how happy you are along the journey.

A true believer in trusting the process of life and looking for joy in the simplest moments. Joey is an eternal optimist and knows from personal experience that your business growth is directly connected to your personal growth – so it’s time to get to know yourself, shine a light on your passion and live your purpose.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Know what your priorities are
  • Be conscious of the hours you are in you’re in your business
  • Kids are a blessing


  • Joey introduces her business and what they do and her role in the business (3.29)
  • Why Joey chose to start the business and what her life looks like now (6.07)
  • Juggling kids while running a biz – the full picture (10.47)
  • Drop all the things that are not important (11.48)
  • Getting a cleaner and how that has been a game-changer (14.02)
  • Know what your priorities are (16.10)
  • The journey of being a boss lady and a mum (16.41)
  • Have her kids held her back from growing the business (18.47)
  • Joey’s children keep the perspective of why they started the business in the first place (22.23)
  • Kids speak the total truth (24.32)
    Being flexible with family, life and biz (25.06)
  • Parenting is a journey too (26.01)
  • Dancing with flexibility as a family (27.08)
  • Building a support network (29.24
  • Asking for help and why it is so important (29.40)
  • Advice for families with kids under 5 with businesses (32.22)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Joey and Doña Cholita HERE

Follow her on Insta – @donacholita    FB –  @donacholita  


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