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Letting go of Judgement with Kate Chiffey Gray

When was the last time you commented about the weather? Was it hot, cold or raining outside? What if you could change the way you behave by simply being aware and not judging the situation? On the show today, is Kate Chiffey Gray who is going to be sharing how we can let go of Judgement from comparisonitis, observations, expectations and so much more.

Kate is a  spiritual compass, who I had the pleasure to meet late last year. And her words sat in my heart ever since grounding what I already have been working on. Which is letting go of Judgement.

Kate guides people to find the answers to internal problems or behaviours through discovering that YOU hold your own answers. She is an amazing human has brought my life so much light and I am sure she is going to do the same for you.

Here is what to expect in this episode:

Biggest Takeaways

  • Letting go of judgement is a gateway to success
  • Awareness is a practice we should all be doing
  • You can track your growth by your results


  • Kate shares how she started her business (1.40)
  • What being a spiritual compass means (2.26)
  • From hiding away to stepping in to following her mission (3.15)
  • That there is a bigger energy at play (4.27)
  • Kate shares her biggest learning experience (5.14)
  • How projecting our wounding from the past affects our business and lives (6.47)
  • Judgement and comparisonitis (7.36)
  • Discussing if judgement comes from a negative place (9.03)
  • How your past can keep you in the same patterns (10.59)
  • Judgement vs Expectation (11.23)
  • The feelings associated with judgement (12.30)
  • Observation and conditioning, a pre-programmed state (14.29)
  • Tips on how to let go of judgement (17.50)
  • Based on results you can track your growth (25.09)
  • Blaming things is simple how we give our power away (28.01)
  • Creating a support team to help you on your journey (32.01)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Kate and her work here via her website –

Ted Talk: Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

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