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Life on Your Own Terms with Sunniva Holt

What would it be like to create a life on your own terms? My special guest today is Sunniva Holt who shares how to make great decisions and not let fear get in the way when it comes to creating your own success.

Sunniva Holt is a Self Made Multi Millionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Author of Two No.1 Best Selling Self Help books, Mindset Coach and International Speaker. She specialises in helping visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches and conscious business owners rapidly accelerate income & impact, and build powerful personal brands. She provides laser focused insghts & customised strategies that address your specific & individual challenges to accelerate results across the board.


Biggest Takeaways

  • How to make powerful decisions
  • That self-development is a powerful tool to assist in creating success
  • You can choose everything that is happening in your life right now


  • Sunniva’s shares her lifetime of work which led her to become a coach (1.49)
  • How attending auctions can be intense (4.56)
  • Her coaching business was born around the same time her books were released (5.15)
  • Sunniva’s biggest lesson that she has learned since starting this business (5.40)
  • How do you know that people were not the right clients my biz (6.42)
  • What does it mean to have a business on your own terms (9.06)
  • Letting go instead of pushing (9.51)
  • How to make great decisions (10.37)
  • Trusting your inner guidance system (12.08)
  • Practising ‘what’s next’ (14.02)
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen while confronting your fears (15.10)
  • Be consistent showing up (16.30)
  • The power of support and the importance of your environment (17.04)
  • We give away so much power and we have a choice (19.07)


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