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Liminality – a place of transition with Nicole Gibson



Imagine that it is totally okay to be in a transitioning process and that it is perfectly normal to be in that moment. On the podcast today I talk with Nicole Gibson about liminality but also the importance of acknowledgement.

Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential.

Nicole is a fierce ambassador for mental health, innovation and connection after recovering from her own terrifying lived experience. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of two organisations; The Rogue & Rouge Foundation and Startup Apprentice. She is a TEDx Oxford Alumni Speaker and the Author of Love Out Loud [A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment].

 Biggest Takeaways

  • Acknowledgement is the key ingredient to consciousness
  • Liminality is a place of transition
  • Each of our lives and rhythms are unique to us


  • Nicole’s story and how she became a CEO and author (2.50)
  • Transitioning into a CEO and the triggering moment (4.58)
  • Being an artist and doing your calling (6.58)
  • Biggest learning experience Nicole has faced (7.31)
  • What liminality is and means (10.30)
  • Allowing yourself to trust (13.34)
  • Should we live in liminality (13.55)
  • How the rhythms of life help evolve us (15.41)
  • Acknowledging self and choosing to make decisions (17.09)
  • Juicy tip to acknowledgement (20.10)
  • Trusting the process that is front of you (25.04)
  • Having a single point of focus (27.55)
  • What is a creator/artist of life (29.30)
  • Valuing each experience (32.26)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Nicole Gibson and her work HERE

Follow her on Insta – @nicgibson_    FB –  @nicolegibson.unifier

BOOK: Love out Loud by Nicole Gibson

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